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abundance[ uh-buhn-duhns ]


an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply


overflowing fullness:

abundance of the heart.


affluence; wealth:

the enjoyment of abundance.


Abundance isn’t something we find it’s something we tap into.

It’s always having more than you need and an infinite supply at all times.


Abundance is an energy you embody and I’m here to teach you how to make it your essence and a constant energy.


4 week immersive group coaching program to help you attract and embody more abundance in your life. To activate your higher self and become the woman you’ve always wanted to be and to tap into the essence of limitless opportunity.


A wildly abundant woman knows that she is ALWAYS supported and that there is always an unlimited supply of anything she wants.


An overflow of:







Connection with the universe and her higher self

And she doesn’t settle or wait for it to happen, she takes initiative and decides to create it


You were made for more and deserve to have it ALL.


Are you ready to finally learn the formula of how to become a wildly abundant woman that’s a magnet to miracles?


The woman who feels expansive on all levels and has increased joy, fulfillment and overall more abundance in her life?


The woman who finally feels supported by the universe and begins to attract more prosperity, abundance and overall energetically raise her frequency to attract ALL she desires?




You’re tired of seeing other women have exactly what you want and you now want to learn exactly how to have it too


Want to learn to be in the vibe of what an abundant woman feels and looks like.


Are seeking the vibrancy and presence of 


You're ready to have quantum shifts and upgrades and begin waking up in confidence and supported knowing that you are a master manifestor.


You’re wanting to attract more opportunities, increase your money mindset and begin to feel worthy of having exactly what you want.


Want to master an abundance mindset and never go back to operating out of fear, lack and scarcity.


You want to reprogram your thoughts and mindset once and for all and begin thinking more intentionally and 


Want to learn how to tap more into the spiritual realm, develop more of your gifts and learn how to listen to your intuition so you can align to the things that you want.




Feel in FLOW and less worry and know exactly how to tap into the frequency of abundance at any time


Be in the energy of your needs ALWAYS being met.


Learn hot get into alignment


Be in a high vibrational state and in anticipation of what’s going to show up to you because you’re a magnet to that frequency.


Stop worrying about when and how things are coming to you because youre fully aligned with your desires and confident AF in the process.


Feel vibrant, sexy, alive and the full embodiment of the queen and Goddess you deep down desire to become


Live in trust 


Which means that instead of things continuing to "take time", you’ll take quantum leaps towards more confidence, flow, alignment and release the fear and programming that has been stopping from truly stepping into your power.


The abundant woman commands presence and doesn’t need to ask for it. She eats, breathes and sleeps trust and knows that divine timing will take care of her so she’s free to play, live in joy and enjoy the journey.


Feeling is the most important piece to manifesting what you desire. Learning how to feel abundance and embodying it keeps you in a high vibration to attract.


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8 Pre-recorded Modules of the formula to becoming Wildly Abundant

8 Exercises to go along with each module

2 Meditations to embody and attract more abundance

Library of journal prompts and affirmations I personally use every morning

Private Facebook Group to ask questions and be coached through the entire 4 weeks

LIVE QA Call every Friday inside the Facebook group


Module 1:


Module 3:

Module 4:

Module 5:

Module 6:

Module 7:

Module 8:

Bonus trainings: 


You’ll also be inside a high frequency container as I’ll be incorporating energetic alchemy (a form of energy healing) throughout the 4 weeks. 


Hello removal of blocks and lower frequencies.


If you want to become a Wildly Abundant woman, you have to learn to think how an abundant woman thinks.


You have to embody her essence, presence and learn how to tap into the frequency of abundance.


I view helping women embody the energy of abundance as a responsibility. Because I’ve tapped into the codes and methods of this work it’s my job to teach it and lead you to the magic you’ve been missing.


Every person on the planet is worthy and deserving of having the life, love, opportunities and abundance they desire. Just because you haven't learned the HOW, doesn’t mean you should continue to struggle


The abundant life you’ve always wanted awaits your choosing of YOU


There’s women right now living the life they’ve always dreamed of.


The only difference between you and that woman is a deciding to learn how to do it.


Right now is the time to step more into your power and the embodiment of what it is to be an abundant women.


What you’ve been doing hasn’t been working for you or maybe you’re just now being led by your soul to fully step into your higher self.


This program was designed to help you tap into the abundance codes and frequency that are very real and available to you.


If you’re committed to your expansion and having everything you want and desire to stop limiting yourself to what you think you can have, this program is meant for you.


I know that without a doubt, when you begin to implement these principles and embody them, your life WILL change. 


The universe cant give you anything that you don’t feel worthy of having. I’ll teach you how to finally reprogram your mind once and for all change these thought patterns.


Become the alchemist of your life. 


Becoming Wildly Abundant doesn’t happen by accident, it’s intentionally created and I hope you join me in this expansive experience in learning exactly how.






Q: WIll I be able to keep this content forever?


A: Absolutely! 


Q: Are the modules video or audio format?


A: Audio as I want you to be able to access this content while driving, working, and not be distracted with video. **The 4 Facebook LIVE QA sessions will be video**


Q: I took your IAM course and other Masterclasses, what’s the difference between these and Wildly Abundant?


A: The content in Wildly Abundant is different than the content in my Masterclasses and IAM course. I’d say this is more advanced and principles and alchemy I’ve learned and embodied since creating IAM last year. 


Q: I’m new to personal development, spirituality and Law of Attraction, will this be too advanced for me?


A: Definitely not. I have a gift of being able to teach these principles to make them easy to understand and digestible without the complicated jargon. The principles I teach are not “hard” but they do require commitment and consistency as with anything else you want to learn to master.


Q: Do you offer refunds?


A: No and here’s why:

-On a subconscious level when you know you are granted a refund, you don’t 100% fully put in the work. It would be a disservice for me to offer this as an option as my intention is for women ALL women to live abundant lives.


**Note** In all of the Masterclasses I’ve created I’ve offered a full refund if not satisfied,  and out of the 700 women who signed up for those, only one asked for a refund and it was because she “didn’t have time”  


Q: I really want to join the program but it scares me to invest this much in myself, do you have any suggestions?


A: Investing in yourself tells the universe you’re ready to attract more and take responsibility for being a co-creator. Investing in your own expansion and growth is the biggest form of ROI (return on investment) you will ever receive. A better question to ask yourself is what is the cost of NOT signing up for this program? Can you afford to continue to feel the way you do and not living a life you’re in love with? In my experience, when my heart and soul are calling me to sign up for a program or work with someone, I’ve always found a way.