• Taylor Stone

Loving Yourself In The Process

Early on in my journey before I really understood what personal development was, I really struggled with keeping habits. I remember completely filling my apartment with post-it’s of positive affirmations and my why of why I was doing what I was doing. I also remember being so embarrassed at the time when maintenance would have to come in to fix something because I’m sure they thought I was a total nut case! I learned to stop caring though, because I knew if I wanted to change my mindset, body and overall life- I NEEDED to have these reminders and see them and repeat them over and over. I needed to look myself in the mirror and give myself a pep talk every morning to keep going. I listened to hypnosis tracks every night before I went to sleep, and every morning when I woke up. I did EFT tapping sometimes 3 times a day, dependent on what I was working on. I'd visualize the life I wanted until I brainwashed myself it was real. I also invested in coaches and programs which helped to speed up the process. And I knew that I had to drop all excuses and continue to do the work because it wasn't going to magically appear if I didn't stay consistent. As of right now, I don’t need these anymore and don’t use them nearly as often. I’ve completely reprogrammed and rewired my brain the way I WANT it to think and use my methods of energetic alchemy to zap what comes up when it does. Sending those low frequencies outta' here! Why am I telling you this story? Because you have to do whatever it takes to create the life you want. You have to drop the ego and be OK with judgement because no one else is going to live your life. No one else is going to live in your body and you have to know yourself well enough of what has to be done. You have to start somewhere, even if it's uncomfortable or embarrassing. You have to get really honest with yourself and have the awareness that it's up to you to change your life, no one else. And the most important part: you have to love yourself in the process. You have to be able to look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that what you’re experiencing right now isn’t who you really are. That it’s temporary, and if you don’t quit you can’t not change on a DNA cellular level and live a life you love, free from negative thought patterns and beliefs. Loving myself even when I didn't see any tangible results is really how I kept going. I knew that just because I couldn't see huge results yet, didn't mean that it wasn't energetically occurring. Love and trust (plus consistency) were the 2 key ingredients. If you’re currently doing the work, I truly congratulate you. It’s going to pay off and you WILL reap the rewards. And if you’re doing nothing right now “New Year New You” will turn into New Year Same You if you do nothing. The time is now, especially with the momentum of the New Year. It’s a truly beautiful thing when you do the work and look back at how far you came. And the work is never done- the new visions, goals and versions of myself I’m creating will take new investments and more intention to intentionally create the life I desire and know I deserve. Cheers to a new decade and if you know you want more for yourself but have no idea where to start, reach out. I have another 1:1 spot opening up next week and we can see if it’s a right fit. You deserve to have the life you desire. Make this year the year you actually did it. Xo, Taylor

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