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What Would Your Higher Self Do?

Sometimes the most potent medicine you need is hitting rock bottom getting tired of your own sh*t.

Getting tired of that story you continue to tell yourself that nothing is how you want and it won't ever be.

The story you tell yourself that things aren’t shifting quick enough and that you were forgotten about.

The story of "I’m not worthy" and that you just have to tolerate what’s been given.

Stories become our identity.

The language we repetitively use is creating inside the quantum field.

More than likely if you’re reading this, you too have a story that needs to shift so you can tell yourself a more powerful story. Even if it isn’t close to being true yet. Even if it sounds ridiculous and especially if it doesn’t sound possible.

Some of my most powerful breakthroughs have been when I decided that I didn’t want to keep wallowing in what is. When I got really real with myself and asked “what wasn’t I doing or willing to do that would shift everything?”

What’s that ONE thing I’m terrified to do but would shift so many things?

You know that thing. We all have a thing we’re unwilling to do that would actually change everything.

You convince yourself that you’ll do it when you’re more confident, not realizing that confidence is built from doing these things, over and over.

Confidence is a decision. It’s an energy we embody and choose over and over. No one wakes up confident, they choose it.

Confidence is a muscle that’s built by deciding to shift your state (not depending on anything to happen) to create a new one. Then deciding to do that scary thing, and then doing it over and over again.

We all know what we need to do.

Actually, we know EXACTLY what to do.

If you’re in business, that thing you KNOW you need to do is hire a coach/mentor to help you strategize and grow. Or a live FB video that terrifies you until you do it and realize you didn’t die.

In health that thing you KNOW you need to do may be to hire a meal prep company or nutritionist which is scary until you start to see results from it.

And in your intimate relationships, that thing you KNOW you need to do may be being more vulnerable. Willing to be seen and being more open which terrifies you until you realize that this was the missing ingredient to having that soulmate relationship.

One thing I know for sure is, we all have to reach a point where we get tired of our own shit. We make a decision and say, “I’m not going to tolerate this anymore”

And you instead choose to tell yourself things like:

"I am more powerful than any thought that tells me I’m not"

"I am resourceful and have thousands of gifts, even if my mind convinced me otherwise"

You can have everything you want when you choose to make friends with fear

instead of letting it lead your decisions.

It’s almost the year 2020 and the world is more abundant than its ever been before. I'm pretty sure our ancestors are watching us in envy!

So maybe the shift that’s needed isn’t so much a thing but rather a decision.

A decision to start that thing that makes you want to run in the other direction, but is what will create that quantum leap you desire.

And only you can decide this. Only you can get tired of the way things are and shift your energy.

As simple as this sounds (which is why everyone takes it for granted and not many apply it) deciding that you’re going to do things differently will energetically change you. You become your own alchemist and realize the power you've always held. Be your own Guru.

This message came to me earlier today and I know someone needed to hear this. I’m also remembering how much I love writing and plan to do it a lot more in 2020.

WWYHSD? (What Would Your Higher Self Do)

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