• Taylor Stone

When You Start Listening To Your Soul

This morning as I was putting on my makeup (attempting to, was more like it) I had this gratitude come over me and such a feeling of love that I couldn’t control it. Also known as the ugly cry.

Part of why this happened was because I was listening to Paradise by Coldplay (one of my favorites) and the lyrics get me every time.

If you haven’t heard that song before, check it out or at least listen to the lyrics because it’s SO powerful.

It got me to thinking how imagination and dreaming is everything, and as children and teens we expect to have a life of paradise, excitement and filled with love, yet as we grow up we talk ourselves out of it.

“Who am I to have this, that’s only for special people”

“I’m not worthy of that type of life anymore, I have responsibilities now”

“How silly and immature of me to think I could have that life, things have changed and I missed my chance”

"I never follow through with anything, so I may as well not even start"

So many women convince themselves that because of age (which is completely irrelevant) and that because unfavorable circumstances have occurred that they can’t still have a life they are in love with and this is such a lie.

This is unconscious energy and lower frequencies wanting you to play small so you don’t experience joy and love, which are the highest emotions on the vibration scale.

I have been receiving so many testimonials lately from my 1:1 clients as well as membership ladies, and the number one thing they have told me verbally and on paper is that they didn’t sign for coaching sooner because they didn't feel worthy of investing in themselves.

I am literally tearing up as I write this because that is a bullsh*t lie you have been fed and it is NOT true.

Every single woman and man incarnated at this time to live a life they are in love with, the life they dreamt of when they were 15 even 25 years old yet have let old programming (limiting beliefs, fear) take over.

And just because you may have once invested in yourself and you didn’t follow through, this does not mean that it will happen again.

I can’t tell you how many times I have failed. And I don’t actually see them as a failure anymore but rather a reroute because my soul had a different divine plan ahead of me.

We didn’t come here to nail it right away. This is an earth school. You came here to find what works, what doesn’t work, and learn how to listen to your souls guidance and to fulfill your mission.

Reminding myself that the only reason I have a physical body is so my soul can get around (like a free Uber for your soul) is how I get out of my head.

I hear/feel the fear and I remind myself it isn’t about my ego and personality construct, it’s about Her.

Your soul never feels unworthy. In fact, that’s usually what create pain inside of us, the push and pull from the advice of our soul vs the fear from our personality and the build up of lower frequencies continue to run your life.

Where have you broken up with your dreams and the life you dream of experiencing?

When did you stop believing that you can have anything and everything that you want?

I believe that every single day can be paradise because it’s all in our perspective. We first have to clear out the old programming and remember who we are. Remember why we are here.

Unworthiness is a learned habit and belief. And if it can be learned it can be released, cleared and transmuted.

If that doesn't make sense to you, it's basically Marie Kondo-ing it. Bless and release.

Someone commented on one of my posts a couple days ago and saying how strong I was and and asked if I ever felt fear.

My response was every single day, and multiple times a day.

Fear will never go away, you’ll just learn to see it for what it is and not let it lead you or stop you. This gets so much easier, but not if you don’t learn how to dismiss it and start to lead with your soul.

If you want to manifest your dream life, heal limiting beliefs and unworthiness programming then you have to first believe it’s possible.

You have to remind yourself over and over that if you have a desire, it's from a higher calling. Always.

Believe you can have it, are worthy of it, and the Universe will match it.

This comes from remembering that version of you who knew she could have anything that she wanted and realizing that is still you.

You have forgotten this and that's ok. But now it’s time to step into her and claim what’s yours.

I am in awe how life gets more magical and fun every single day, but I wouldn't be living this if I didn't take a chance on myself, even if at the time I didn't feel worthy, because worthiness and confidence is built by saying yes to yourself over and over again.

Have an amazing rest of your week and let this message inspire you and help you to uncover the inner deserving woman inside of you and start listening to her <3



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