• Taylor Stone

The 2.0 YOU

I believe that the above message is absolute truth.

The woman (or man) who feels worthy, deserving and who has a “why not me” attitude is the person who will call into their life, everything they want.


Because they are declaring it. They are deciding and they are rearranging their energy to match what it is they want.

You can’t fake a vibration. Meaning that the "fake it til’ you make it" is false hope for yourself if you aren’t simultaneously doing everything possible to raise your vibration and to align to it.

In this weeks podcast I give you the tools of how to rearrange your energy to leap into the woman you want to be. To assume your energy, every single morning while also doing the necessary steps to align to the version of you that you yearn to be.

I call her the 2.0 you.

And here’s the honest truth….

If you aren’t committed to growing and to expanding, the Universe won’t commit to you either.

The quicker you realize this, the quicker you can tell your ego no, and let your soul take the lead. And also ask for help from those who have walked the path and who have the blueprint.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I have invested the resources (money) time (energy) and got super honest with myself that my goals and dreams needed assistance. That I couldn't do it all on my own like I had kept telling myself.

I now have what feels like a whole army of women behind me, rooting for me, who wouldn’t be there if I didn’t understand the energy exchange that needed to occur to make it happen.

We are SO worthy of having everything that we want! EVERYTHING, and the moment you realize that the fear of the unknown is 100 times less scary than the fear of regret, that is when your life will change <3

It is also when the Universe will open the flood gates to what you desire.

If you’ve wanted to feel what it’s like to have someone lead you to uncover the inner Goddess version of yourself you know is inside of you, I have only 1 more spot left for 1:1 coaching until May this year.

Not only will you increase your overall vibration and gain confidence like you’ve never felt before, but you’ll also start to heal parts of you that you didn’t even know needed healing.

Healing limiting beliefs

Healing unworthiness and fear

Healing lack and scarcity programming

Healing the false idea that you don’t have a purpose

Healing your body because once you’re frequency rises, your cells in your body also begin to heal.

Once you do this you experience more inspired, confident, excited for life, you attract better relationships, abundance and overall feel like you are at home in your body and feel a love for yourself you've never felt before.

If this is something your soul is calling you to do, reply to this email and we will definitely talk further! Serious interest only, as I pour my energy into women and will only work with those serious about transforming their life.

Have a fabulousss rest of your day and know that your life can change rapidly once you decide. All you have to do is say yes to the voice that’s calling you inside <3



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