• Taylor Stone

Are You Aware Of Your Frequency?

If you’ve been following my Instagram stories and posts closely, you know that I have been diving deep into my spiritual journey which has been a combination of extreme highs and also some clearing as I am going higher in frequency and releasing the gunk that we’ve all picked up throughout our years.

Earth is the lowest frequency planet in our solar system (maybe even in the galaxy) and no matter how much we sage ourselves, we still pick up unconscious energy.

The reason why I am telling you this, is because there’s this idea that we put in the necessary time and energy and it’s done.

But here’s the thing:

You’ve seen me post before that in terms of vibration, most people reside in the 150-200 mark on the vibrational chart (above).

The goal is love or above (700) and in order to maintain this vibration, you have to keep doing the same things to get there and stop what you were doing that kept you lower on the scale.

It’s literally like taking a shower. You do it every day to cleanse your body and you have to do the same with your energy.

You pick up low frequency energy throughout the day via co-workers, family, clients and you have to detach from that energy.

Quite literally cut cords and clean up your energy and make sure you aren’t building layers of residue. And also implement the tools I teach of how to detach from it.

If you start to think you are invincible to energy and that you don’t need healing work, meditation, hypnosis, deep breathing, journaling etc, then you go right back down in vibration.

It’s like this teeter totter of emotion and energy.

So my message to you is this…

What if you decided, right now, that you weren’t going to participate in anything lower vibrational anymore?

That you are now making the conscious decision to stop investing time into things that will create instant gratification instead of long term?

Time is also energy you are giving to something or someone else getting nothing back in return.

I want to say this one more time so it really sinks in…..

Most women are giving energy to things that are not of an even energy exchange and getting nothing in return except a drained energy system.

This is not living! And I can say this with confidence and conviction because I’ve been there too. And since going up, up, up in frequency, I look back and sometimes ask myself "wtf was I doing?"

And here’s the thing I really want you to understand because I felt this during my low vibe states.....

You already know what you should be doing. You’ve already had your intuition tell you what to start or to stop doing, and I promise you the message will only get louder and manifest into unfavorable symptoms.

One action step you can take today is getting radically honest with yourself and taking radical responsibility for where you are.

You have co-created everything in your life right now, good or bad.

Which is actually awesome news when you think about this, because it means that you are in control of your destiny and where you want to take your vibration.

Choose to rise. Ask yourself what the woman you envision yourself being would be doing with her day today. How would she flow through her day? Would she lead with love or fear? Would she see life as everything is always working out for her operate out of scarcity and a lower vibration?

We wake up everyday with a choice of unconsciously operating the same way we always have, or deciding that today can be different.

A higher vibration version of you is out there, the 2.0, and it's your action that will allow you to step into her <3



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