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Are You Sending The Universe Mixed Signals?

Happy Tuesday, love!

If there’s something I have learned over the years and I am now consciously aware of, it's that what we tolerate we call in more of.

We energetically tell the Universe YES when we mean no, because this is just how it works.

It’s really helped me get out of victim mode in the past when I have called in things of less vibration, and it instead allows me to say “ohhh, yeah I see where I attracted that.”

I also believe the Universe will send little tests to you, making sure that the decision you just made is actually what you really want and double checks that you’ve done the energetic work.

When I say energetic work, what I am referring to is internal vibration work, that’s all.

The work around removing limiting beliefs, reprogramming your thought patterns, raising your vibration, claiming your worth/deservingness and being unapologetic about it.

And just as a reminder, you can completely break the habit of being yourself and create a completely different personality/mindset by first deciding and then using the following tools like:

-EFT Tapping

-Hypnosis (be careful with Youtube videos of these because some of them aren’t high frequency and can actually do the opposite)



-Crowding out- removing things (and people) that remind you of the person you don’t want to be

-Hiring a mentor to help you see from an outside perspective and any blocks that are holding you back

And in a way, most people are holding onto invisible energy that stems from childhood that you aren’t even aware of.

I described this the other day as an invisible field of energy you personally don't see, but when people come into contact with you they see and feel it.

It’s literally where the phrase, “ I don’t get a good vibe from that person” came from.

It doesn’t mean you are a bad person, it just means you have some funky energy going on in your energy system that has to be addressed.

Back to subject of this email and my message.....

What you allow you attract more of.

Whenever you begin to discount yourself and lower your standards you ask for more like things because like attracts like.

This applies to business, career, friendships, romantic relationships and we all have that story and you are probably reminded of a situation that relates to this.

I am telling you to take your power back and to decide NOW that you will never do that again to yourself.

To decide to never betray yourself again for the sake of appeasing someone else or because someone doesn’t value your worth.

“This or something better” is always a great mantra to say to yourself when in these situations, but never lower your standards or devalue yourself because someone doesn’t see value in you.

It will never be worth it and you will end up resenting yourself and the other person(s) in the end.

In this week's podcast episode I tell a personal story where I stood my ground and kept my power, even when I could have easily backed down.

It’s a story/message of why triggers are important in your life and are a test of how much you have decided to value yourself and the Universe's way of asking if you’re ready for more.

Making sure you have committed to being the person you say you want to be in your journal sessions and the mantras and affirmations you repeat to yourself.

In other words, the Universe is basically saying....

You're talking the talk but can you walk the walk?

I’ll leave you with this and encourage you to listen to this episode as I have already gotten a lot of amazing feedback at how this has helped them to step more into their power in multiple areas of their lives.

You can listen by clicking here and going right to it.

Don’t forget how powerful you are. Don’t forget your worth and the value you bring to the world.

Don’t give discounts to other people in the form of money if you know you have the expertise and know you the value of your work.

Don't accept a date from someone who is clearly not on your level or doesn't have the same values as you.

Don’t say yes to people when you know it’s a clear no. You can send them love without feeling obligated to agree upon anything.

The Universe/God/Source creator rewards those who live in integrity and who know who they are and value themselves more than anything else <3



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