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The Energetics of Your Health And How It's All Connected

Happy Friday beautiful!

This morning did not go as planned as I expected and as it normally does.

I had a whole list of things to do, most of which did not happen because I realized I had a flat tire when I went out to my car this morning.

And instead of getting angry, asked "why me", cursed out my car and the Universe for it, I instead just went with the flow and realized there was absolutely nothing I could have done to prevent this.

I just decided (key work decided) to go with the flow and have a great morning anyways.

While I waited for the new tire, Tommy and I had an awesome breakfast where I played in the grass and soaked up the sun.

AKA: It’s all perception.

And how awesome would it be if you felt this too when something went “wrong” for you?

When you instead just decided to pivot instead of getting pissed off? That used to be me until I realized how energy works and have cleared alot of what would have created a ripple of negative energy.

It’s so wild to me that just a few years ago I had no idea there was anything outside of our physical bodies.

That our health wasn’t just what we ate and how often we moved our bodies, that there was so much more depth to it.

I thought that if I kept finding the newest whole foods supplement that promised longevity, I would be golden. That if I just hit one more sauna session per week, I would find the holy grail of health.

Little did I realize, that we could biohack our bodies all day long but if we kept ourselves around negative frequencies and didn’t pay attention to the unseen we were fighting a battle that couldn’t be won.

Energy healing is the new coconut oil.

Mark my word on that, this will be recognized more and more very soon and it will no longer be “woo woo” to some people and it will be mainstream knowledge.

I made a post on instagram this morning relating to this, and I couldn’t help but read it over and over. Not out of my own ego, but I had the epiphany that the energy outside of us and what we can’t see is what actually matters most. Because our vibration influences our health and happiness, not the other way around.

It matters when it comes to:

Our health

Our relationships

Our career

Our opportunities we want

Our interactions

Our ability to manifest

Our love for ourselves

Our love for others

Our confidence/self-worth

And our connection to a higher realm/spirituality

Because if you are only paying attention to the physical energy you eat, drink and experience you are missing out to a ton of medicine that could be healing you on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level and permanently.

It’s all connected, everything.

When you start to grasp the concept of the energetics, vibration and frequency, your life will absolutely change.

Things will show up to you that you never imagined (or maybe you did imagine but gave up on them a long time ago)

Your energy will go through the roof.

You’ll finally shed the weight you’ve been working on for years because you now realize excess weight is just a side effect of holding onto negative energy.

I have had coaching clients tell me recently that by following the principles I have taught them, they have started to finally have the things they have on their vision board finally appear.

Not to mention gain massive amounts of their health back, energy and high vibes, but again, that’s just the side effect to all of this work. Not hard work, but work.

It’s time to wake up to your true potential and stop feeling stuck.

It’s time to finally trust yourself and your intuition and see the magic that is waiting for you.

And it’s honestly time to stop looking for the next diet or nutrition program because I can tell you that from experience, that will never work or be sustainable.

Whatever you are going through right now will soon be your greatest gift. But only if you take action to rise up and decide you are worthy of transformation.

It never seems like it at the time, but what you’re struggling with is always the catalyst that takes you to the dream life, but it can’t happen if you do nothing.

It’s like the woman whose husband cheats on her and she leaves the relationship, only to find the life and man of her dreams who she deserved all along.

But she wouldn’t get those things if she justified his actions of cheating, decided to stay in the relationship, and never left him. She would then lose the gift the Universe gave her to help her wake up to her potential.

If you’re ready to increase your magnetism and really embody the woman you know you want to be, all while gaining the health, body, vibe, and opportunities (because remember they are all connected) then reply back and we can chat about the potential of working together.

I will only be working with one more person for the remainder of the year, and someone who wants to end the year on fire and with massive amounts of magnetic energy.

If this is you and your soul is calling you to it, I urge you to connect and we will see if it’s a right fit!

Have an awesome day and remember that if you’re stuck in your life right now, you are the only one who is able to take action to live a more alignmed, energetic and high vibe life <3



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