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15 Signs You're On The Path To Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening

What an amazing week it’s been, and also super busy but that’s honestly how I like it and where I thrive.

I met up with a lot of women I have never met before, and some I have been friends with for awhile and it just fills me up.

I love being able to meet in person and virtual with like minded women, which has greatly helped me to level up and hold myself accountable more to everything that I want.

And the moment I got REALLY honest with myself of which relationships were serving me and which were draining me, my health, mindset and business completely took off.

Plus these women don’t think I’m “crazy” for thinking the way I do and the work I do, and they support me and I want the same for all of you.

As I was on my morning walk, I started to realize that a lot of women mistaken spiritual awakening and a rise in frequency for misalignment. They freak out that things are changing or maybe their energy is all over the place and they stop out of fear.

This is your sign to NOT stop, and to give you the things I went through (and am still going through) that maybe you can relate to.

If you didn’t catch my IG story yesterday, I talked about honoring the less inspired days because it’s making room for a higher vibration.

Make sure to always honor yourself, and if you’re doing everything in your power to be a better version of YOU, then have patience with the process.

So here we go! 15 things that happen (that not alot of people talk about) when you begin to raise your consciousness:

  • You will lose a lot of relationships but will gain a deeper one with yourself.

  • You will cry a lot. Not out of sadness, but out of release. Releasing energy from your lower chakras that was trapped and is now flowing. Honor it.

  • The growth never stops, you never get “there.” Evolving is a process and we have to be constant students of it and let go of the idea of a destination.

  • You’ll start wanting to spend a lot of time alone or in complete silence. It’s important you don’t let others tell you you’re being antisocial or that this is unhealthy. This is where your answers to your questions come.

  • Your energy will be all over the place and you may even feel physically ill. One day you’ll feel like you’re levitating and on top of the world, and the next you may feel drained. Your body has to release the lower frequencies you’re holding onto to make room for the new. Honor this one too.

  • You then start to heal parts of your body like your gut and your immune system and you’re actually able to eat the foods again you once weren’t able to (love this one)

  • Your lack of caring what other people think will start to shock and amaze you. So will your amount of compassion you have for other people when they judge you because you’ll remind yourself you’ve been in their shoes before too.

  • Your BS barometer will go up and you’ll smell inauthenticity from a mile away. Your intuition will get so heightened and you’ll question it but always seem to prove yourself right.

  • You begin to accept and actually love contrast. You start to realize without it, you wouldn’t ask yourself deeper questions and stay curious which gives you the opportunity to pivot your path.

  • You start to understand there is no such thing as luck and there is only alignment. Opportunities and synchronicities happen when it’s clicked and you let go of who you aren’t and embrace who you truly are. You also learn that you create everything you have, and it becomes a fun process of manifestation.

  • You’ll start to sometimes feel lazy. Not because of lack of drive, but because you don’t have to work as hard for what you want. You get direct downloads of what to do next and you become more intentional with your time.

  • You’ll start to repel people who can’t handle your high vibes and frequency. GOOD.

  • You stop caring about a lot of things you used to love. And if you resist and hold onto them it creates discord. This will ultimately lead to forms of mental disorders so Let. Them. Go.

  • You start to jump out of bed every morning excited for what’s to come because you trust yourself. You trust that you’ll always be led to exactly the right places and the right people and it becomes a game. The game of life and how it was always supposed to be.

  • And you will gain a love for yourself that you’ve never felt before. A love you haven’t ever felt from someone else or from yourself, and you begin to realize it’s the type of love that is of source energy.

I wrote this so you wouldn't think you are going crazy, because I didn't have that guidance when I needed it most.

And whether you’re in the middle of this or haven’t yet embraced it, know that it’s the most fulfilling thing you’ll ever experience if you allow it. It’s not always easy and at times want it to stop but don’t.

Know that it’s part of the human experience and one of the greatest awakenings to the true YOU you’ll ever have. And know that you may be thinking your life is falling apart but it’s actually falling together.

I just know that there’s a lot of you who have just embarked on this journey and some of you who are in the thick of it, wondering if it will all be worth it.

I can promise it will be, and I urge you to join a program or support group that has someone to help guide you through it to ask questions and overall guide you through the process.

The women in my Membership Program have made AMAZING transformations, even by being in the group for only a couple of months. Which is why I am so passionate about it, because I can still help women who cannot afford 1:1 coaching and help to change their lives.

Choose to evolve or repeat.

That’s my own theme and the theme I am referencing for the remainder of the year. Getting really honest with yourself about what happens if you do nothing.

What will you lose out on if you don’t take action NOW?

What is the cost of choosing not to raise your self-worth and confidence by committing to yourself?

These are actually the questions I ask myself daily, because I want to make sure I don’t look back at my life and wish I accomplished more. Wish I was the best version of ME, and didn’t settle.

So what will you choose for yourself for the rest of your life: evolving, or repeating your same habits that aren't fulfilling you?

Trust the process. Listen to your intuition and the promptings of what to do. Know that there is help out there for you, you just have to commit to it.

I mentioned last week that the cost of my Membership Program will be going up after January 1st, so make sure you jump in before that! There is no contract and I can guarantee you will wish you had joined sooner <3

Have an amazing day and you can find more details and join the program by clicking here.

PS: Love and appreciate you all!!



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