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Powerful Manifestation Exercise To Attract Everything You Want

As promised, this is a step by step guide on how to connect to your heart first thing in the morning to create the feelings and emotions you’ve been yearning for and to maintain it all day long.

The first step is belief. You have to believe this will work for you. You have to also realize you are worthy of feeling amazing every single day and full of love and full of life.

One of the things I absolutely love about coaching and teaching, is trying out different methods from my mentors and consistently applying them, and then teaching what works.

I have been told by every intuitive/psychic I’ve ever consulted with that my mission here is to find what works and to teach it to others. Almost like self-experimentation, which has been a fun process for me.

Something you have to fully grasp when reprogramming your mind and your emotions, is that the energy you focus on will ALWAYS expand.

Meaning- if you’re constantly surrounding yourself with low vibes and energy, you’ll get more of it. This means that you have to be crystal clear on your environment and how you want to feel, rather than just absorbing anything that’s around.

We are all sponges. We absorb energy, and once you grasp this concept your life will completely shift for the better and things will start to show up for you. You’ll realize that YOU created this and you’ll stay consistent with it.

You’ve all heard me talk about the importance of a morning routine, and if any of you are struggling with finding one you can listen to the podcast on morning routine by clicking here.

But one of the most profound things I have been doing every morning for the past year is a heart and brain coherence exercise that has completely changed my life and shifted my frequency and energy to that of love and joy and it’s extremely powerful.

One thing I do want to note before I explain this and the steps, is you have to be consistent with it. If you only do it once a week and are expecting to experience magical changes...think again.

Nothing that isn’t practiced consistently will stick. There is no such thing as quick fixes when it comes to manifestation. You have to plant the seeds every single day and TRUST they will grow.

This is exactly what you’re doing in this exercise/meditation.

So here we go!

Step 1: Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit or lay down first thing in the morning (or within the hour you wake up) and have your phone and a set of headphones with you and put your phone on silent.

Step 2: Search a powerful song or playlist on Spotify that makes you really feel. You know what I mean with this: those songs that evoke emotion (positive emotion) and those good feelings. My goal is to always find either one song I put on repeat, or create a playlist of a few that get me emotional. Searching Atmospheric music is always a great place to start, and try to find something without lyrics.

Step 3: Start to play the song and close your eyes. Place your right hand or both hands over your heart to keep your focus here. Begin to think of things you are grateful for right now and don’t overcomplicate this. It can be your spouse, your coffee you just drank, your job, your dog- anything that you do have right now. Even if the only thing you feel grateful for is that you’re alive, focus on that.

Step 4: Now the fun and powerful part. Once you’ve felt gratitude and appreciation for what you currently have, start to envision the you that you’ve always wanted to be. What does the woman you are wanting to be feel like? What does she look like? How does she show up in the world? What does she do for her career? Who are her friends? Where does she vacation?

Start to think like her. Visualize her and who she is. You can visualize her as if you are inside her body and you are seeing the world through her eyes, or you can see it as if you are watching her on a movie screen. The main focus is to become here NOW, in this moment. Make it as real as you can. Be proud of her (you) and create the feelings that you’ve been yearning for in this moment. You can also do this for the things you want to call into your life. If it's a man, visualize how he's treating you and how you want to feel when you're with him. If it's a new job, what are you doing in this job? Create the feelings of how you want that job to make you feel.

The first couple of times you do this you may not feel anything change. Meaning you may not feel any deep emotion. But once you do this consistently and with passion, the flood gates open. You start to feel like it’s already happened and emotion starts to kick in. You feel those feelings through your imagination and it’s been created energetically. Almost every time I do this now, I cry. Tears of happiness of course, because I believe it and I’ve already created her. I didn’t wait for these things to happen, I created it NOW and the Universe has no other choice but to match it because that’s how energy works.

I imagine that frequency being sent out into the Ether (Universe) and I envision it as a boomerang effect. That because I projected it, it’s soon coming to me.

Once I am done with this exercise/meditation which usually only takes 5-10 minutes now to create this, I open my eyes and I will either say, “And so it is” or I will clap and get excited that it’s already created.

And you know what this does? It tricks your brain into thinking what just happened was real.

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between a real event or the emotion you just created.

And can you guess what happens next?

You feel amazing, on top of the world, and you start to attract more feelings like this. You start to perceive the world differently. Colors get brighter, sounds more intense, and things show up that you’ve never seen before (but were always already there) and you start to become magnetic and full of JOY.

This is how it works. This is how the happiest people you know create it and stay this way. This is how the people who seem to manifest at a snap of a finger do it, even if they don’t realize it.

This is what I mean by creating your day first thing in the morning. You plant the seeds of what you want and you TRUST it will come. And you don’t feel rushed anymore, because you already have that feeling!

And the truth is: the reason we want certain things in our lives is because of the feeling it will bring to us, that’s it. So I say create the feeling NOW, and have fun waiting for it to come and trust that God and the Universe has got you.

You’ll probably start to see small signs and synchronicities as you keep doing this, which are like little winks to keep going.

I am always getting asked how you stop negative emotions and feelings you don't want, and the honest answer is you have to prevent them every single day. Either by doing this or having a solid morning routine that gets you into the flow of the feelings you DO want.

My challenge for you is to do this for the entire month of November. If you listened to the last podcast episode, you know that I talked about committing to something is what builds confidence. Commit to this every single day, and if you can’t do this in the morning (which I will call you out right now because everyone has 10 minutes) then do it right before you go to bed.

Those who do this, will experience miracles. They will begin to experience life in a whole other way. And will start to attract the things they want because they first created the emotion that it will bring, ahead of time.

Our minds are so powerful, but our hearts are what create the miracles and manifestations.

Have an amazing Thursday and if you want to learn more about these principles, vibration and overall manifesting the health, wealth, and life you desire, I teach these inside of my membership group where you can ask questions and really start to overall raise your frequency to attract what you deserve.

We are so powerful, know that anything you want to create you can start to at any moment.



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