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How To Quickly Raise Your Vibration

It always amazes me how quickly you can increase your vibration, even in the crappiest of days.

In the times where you feel like nothing is working out for you, things are hitting the fan, and you’re stressed beyond belief.

I can remember in the past when 3 hours of feeling in a funk felt like 3 days, and I wasn't sure how to turn it around from there.

The thing about increasing your vibration and elevating your emotion, is that it has to be created. You can’t wait for it to come and wait for something amazing to happen, you have to take ownership to go after it.

Sometimes this consists of promptings to do things you’ve never done before, or haven’t done in a long time. Most of the time when I’m talking with coaching clients and they feel like their vibe is “off”, when I ask them if they’ve changed anything or stopped doing what they did to get there, 99% of the time they tell me yes.

They get to the good feeling and achieve what they wanted and then stop. Which I then have to do what I love to do, and coach them back to alignment and remind them this is lifetime work.

This is the equivalent to getting healthy and achieving the body you want then abruptly stop eating healthily and exercising.

Funny how that makes sense when you use this analogy, but we discard this with emotion and assume it’s a state that will stay with us without working on it.

And that’s what raising your vibration is, it’s creating the emotion you want to feel, ahead of time, day after day.

Do whatever you have to in order to get there. What are you being called to do? What isn’t making sense that you’re prompted with to do, or places your intuition is telling you to go to?

Do that thing, it’s spirit and your soul calling you to come into alignment with the feelings you want.

Too often we wait for something to happen to us when the Universe just doesn’t operate that way. We have to create the feelings of what we want FIRST, and then it comes.

You then change your mindset from hope to trust. You don’t hope that thing comes or you feel better, you trust it.

Here are some ideas to begin feeling those feelings and to light a spark:

  • Going for a walk around your neighborhood. It’s beautiful everywhere right now so you don’t have an excuse. Listen to inspiring music or podcast.

  • Dance to your favorite music around your living room, or in a closet, or in the shower. Move your body to raise your frequency.

  • Journal everything you’re grateful for. Then journal what you’re grateful for in advance. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what isn’t. All it does it match it. Use this to your advantage.

  • Message someone and tell them how much they mean to you. Out of the blue, with no agenda or expectation of anything in return.

  • Take yourself on a date. Yes, by yourself. This can be at Starbucks or a fancy restaurant. Take yourself somewhere that makes you feel special, excited and spend time with yourself.

  • When getting out of the shower and lathering up with (natural) lotion, speak affirmations to yourself. Of how much you love yourself, how great things are, of how all is well and you are safe and that everything is working out in divine order.

These are the things that get you into the vibe that you want to feel.

Now the next step is, evaluate the things in your life that make you feel the opposite. Make you feel drained, defeated, unworthy, frustrated and lacking love.

It saddens me that most women (and men) feel like this is all a part of life, and not having a job they love, a soulmate relationship and living in abundance is just part of life.

Who told you this? Because they lied to you. The Universe/God/Source brought us here TO experience abundance, prosperity and love.

Yes, we will experience contrast but when you know what you don't want, you realize what you do want.

Let the natural attrition occur, let things fall away so the new can come. Decide right now that you know you deserve better and make the necessary change.

Waiting until the New Year is the equivalent of telling yourself you aren't worthy of having what you want right now, but you will be when January 1st hits.

Subconsciously you are telling yourself you aren't worthy and deserving of it, and you then unintentially lower your vibration and your self-worth takes a massive hit.

Choose yourself NOW. Nothing great has ever come from our comfort zone, and once we take the leap we realize it really wasn't that scary after all. It's fun and confidence boosting, actually.

We only have two months left in this year and incredible shifts can be made during this time.

I have only 2 spots open for my 8 week 1:1 coaching program from now until the end of the year and would love nothing more to help you achieve your goal before everyone else does. Don't let society control you and tell you that change can only happen during a changing of the year.

How amazing would it be to show up to Thanksgiving dinner looking like the confident woman you know is inside of you, and everyone asks how you did it?

It's possible for you, I promise. But you first have to let your old habits and life Fall away to create the new.

Let nature be the true analogy behind this: leaves fall to generate new and improved versions every year and caterpillars morph into incredible and beautiful butterflies.

Humans seem to be the only species to resist change when they are queued, but it's incredibly important to our own evolution and for our offspring to make changes to live the highest quality and fulfilling life.

Don't wait for rock bottom and for a sign that it's right, it's your birthright to live the highest vibration life possible and to get your confidence, health and mojo back. To bring out the Goddess inside of you.

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