• Taylor Stone

Why Expressing Your Emotion Can Heal Your Health

The last couple of weeks have been a mixture of extreme highs, but also extreme LOWS for me.

Nothing completely life altering, but some funk that was going on in my energy system that happens maybe once every 6 months (thank goodness) that I know I have to address then surrender to.

If you haven’t checked out the podcast I released this morning on what happened this past week, I go more into details on this episode and you can click here to go directly to it.

Now, to say that I have always been able to express my emotions would be a flat out lie.

In the past when I would experience frustration, sadness, disappointment- I would hold it in because I would always remind myself of the things I did have going for me.

You know those times when you convince yourself of how grateful you are for everything that is going right, so you brainwash yourself and hold it in?

This is NOT healthy.

There’s a difference between taking time to introspect and figure out what’s happening and how you played a part in creating this, than doing what's called spiritual bypassing.

I go over this more in the podcast, but essentially you start putting on a Positive Polly front and do things to numb how you’re really feeling so you get over the sadness quicker.

This may work temporarily, but you are doing a massive disservice to yourself in the long run which may be the reason you can’t get healthier and are manifesting negative scenarios into your life rather than magnetizing the ones you want.

I recorded this episode for you so you:

A: Know you aren’t alone in how you may be feeling.

B: Give you the tools of how to take responsibility and let you know how I personally address it.

You can click here to go right to it and let me know if it helped you!

If this episode resonates with you, please leave me a review as this helps more women (and men) find the podcast and start to raise their vibration as well.

Have a fantastic Monday and week ahead and remember that there is nothing strong about suppressing emotions, and if anyone ever tells you otherwise they’re probably not your people:)



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