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The Dark Side of The Body Positive Movement

Happy Friday ladies!

This is probably going to ruffle some feathers, but it has to be said.

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve definitely seen the body positive movement everywhere.

The one which embraces the female body in every shape, size and form and I believe has SO much empowerment to it.

Every woman’s body is different. Everyone was created differently in how they look and everyone has different needs in terms of what works for them and doesn’t work for them.

I know for me personally, I have to switch up the workouts I’m doing or my body gets used to it. Whereas another woman may feel great with the same workouts weekly.

I also cannot eat certain foods that a lot of women flourish on (like grains and certain vegetables) otherwise I feel like I was hit by a truck the next day.

I’ve realized that my body feels awful at anything less than 19% body fat and that’s where I like to keep it. And I’m sure that some of you feel amazing with lower body fat, which is also amazing and keep at it, girl!

I’ve also coached women who had no intention of losing fat but only wanted to gain confidence and radiate those Goddess vibes, and their blood work and physical health checked out that they had amazing health, even if they were 20-30 pounds heavier than where they would like to be.

What mattered was they were happy. They were healthy. They felt confident and WHOLE.

But something I’m seeing more and more often online, is women accepting their bodies regardless of FEELING well, feeling confident and calling it #bodylove or #bodypositivity because they are following a trend that I’m not so sure is healthy.

They are in a sense, giving up on getting healthier and accepting where they are in their journey.

They are burying their emotions of how they truly feel instead of addressing them head on.

They are instead following a trend that brings them confidence at the moment, but isn’t addressing the CORE issue, which is their emotional health which created the binge eating in the first place.

I can talk about this because I have been here. Many times.

And this movement is actually starting to scare me.

Because here’s the thing….

Just like a woman who is 9% body fat and exercising twice a day is not very healthy, being excessively overweight isn’t either. Regardless if there’s a new Instagram model trend embracing this.

And note I said excessively overweight, not 20-30 lbs.

The only true way to tell is with how you feel (and being brutally honest with yourself) doing routine blood work to check things like glucose, and other heart and organ markers that are VERY important.

And the reason I am writing about this, is because I have too at times bought into this saying things to myself like:

“I could probably put on a few more pounds and not worry so much about eating healthier, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt me”


“Maybe I should try not wearing makeup anymore, let’s embrace the REAL”

OR (my favorite)

“I have no one to impress but myself, do I really need to be doing x,y, z every day?”

But here’s the thing I’ve realized when asking myself these questions….

I LOVE doing these things! I love putting makeup on every single day, I LOVE eating nourishing foods because I feel on FIRE and it gives me massive amounts of energy and a clear mind (and clear and glowing skin). And though I don’t care what others think, I care what Taylor thinks and I really love to express myself through my femininity.

I love getting up every morning and moving my body to create more energy.

And the side effect of eating healthy foods and movement is a healthy weight.

My fear is that some women who are participating in the body positive movement, aren’t in fact fulfilled with where they are.

They actually felt better with not carrying around so much weight (and I hate saying weight because you know I don’t love the idea of weighing yourself) but you understand what I’m saying.

Denial is COMPLETELY different than actually feeling good in your own skin.

Accepting yourself where you are at because you have given up or haven’t found a program is different than realizing you feel BETTER in your new environment.

If you are embracing the body positive movement so you can eat more junk food and never work out again, think again. Please think strongly about this decision.

Your lifestyle has such a large impact on your mental health that this could in fact lower your confidence and self-esteem MORE than when you first made the decision to embrace this movement.

You are not insecure, an attention seeker or narcissistic if you like putting yourself together every single day and keeping your body healthy and beautiful.

You are also not lazy if you like eating more servings of healthy foods which caused you to gain more pounds than you’re used to but you also feel healthy and amazing both inside and out.

What needs to stop is body judgement, and what needs to be talked more about is loving your body enough to feed it what it needs.

To nourish it, to feed your soul and to find what works for you while simultaneously doesn’t stress you out or make you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

We’re all in this for the long game.

Maybe this message isn’t for you, but I’m sure you know someone this could be for and I urge you to forward this to them.

Don’t be ok with just being good enough, be GREAT. Don’t sacrifice feeling mediocre every moment, choose to feel on fire and inspired for every day which will inspire others to be the same.

Please know there are programs and a tribe out there for YOU that will help to lift you up and be there for you to express your emotions, all along having a mentor and coach to guide you to the body, mindset, and confidence you have always wanted.

There are many times I have almost given up on something and almost decided to stay where I was at. And I’m so grateful for amazing friends and coaches who saw my potential and didn’t let me dim my LIGHT.

If you are struggling right now know that there is a way to gain massive amounts of health and confidence and a way to live a life you know you are capable of.

The women in my HiVibe Membership group can attest that not only do they feel amazing every day because their confidence is through the roof, but they now know that they don’t have to settle.

That every body is different, is beautiful, and though the scale doesn’t matter, waking up in love with life every day, does.

I hope this message served you and helped inspire you to know your greatness. And if you are struggling, I have a spot for you to be a part of my HiVibe Membership and you can join by clicking here.

Have an amazing day ladies and remember that YOU matter!

You deserve to have everything that you want, and deserve to never stop settling.



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