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Live Your Dream Life

I just got home from an absolutely AMAZING trip to Spain with my now fiance (that has a nice ring to it ;) and I couldn’t help but write about a couple of breakthrough “aha” moments I’ve had in the last couple of weeks.

And it honestly makes me smile how everything is so interconnected.

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile now, you know how much I emphasize Mind Body Medicine and how the mental and emotional aspects of your life create your health, not the other way around.

Meaning- If you aren’t fulfilled in 95% of your life, your health suffers or will soon suffer.

It may not be a life threatening disease, but I can almost guarantee there’s something in regards to your health that you want to improve that may not be happening for you and you aren’t sure why.

Which is why I’ve stopped coaching on only nutrition because no diet in the world can fix your mind.

Ok, back to where I was going with this….

I am such a creature of habit and I crave routine.

There’s something about waking up and brewing coffee, journaling, meditating, moving my body, or whatever my soul calls me to do that morning that really makes me feel alive.

And in traveling, as much as you intend to do these things they get sacrificed a

lot with flights, sleeping in a little (when in Rome, right?) and always notice a shift in my emotional and mental health when I don’t do at least one of my routines for the day.

It confirms yet again how important it is to find a system that works for you in your daily life and stick to it like your life depends on it. Kind of joking, but mostly serious.

And another part of my life that makes me feel alive is creating content like this, coaching, and I REALLY missed it while I was gone.

And then the "aha" moment hit me.......

“My life back at home IS a vacation!”

I have a life here in Scottsdale that I don’t want to run away from. I love my environment, my career and coaching clients, and I overall just love what I have created for myself.

I am now going on trips because I want to, and not because I have to or because I feel burnt out.

I’ve proudly practiced what I preach and taking self-care and self love super seriously and take care of my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health so much that I don’t have to run away anywhere.

About a week into the trip, Tommy and I looked at each other and basically admitted that we missed working and our routine. We missed content creation and coaching because it truly lights us up.

And the reason I'm so proud of this is because it has not always been this way. I used to envy others who traveled so much because I wanted to run away from the life I had. I wanted to leave so I could be distracted from a life I didn't love.

That all changed when I started expressing more gratitude for what I did have, and got real honest with what I didn't love about it and did something about it.

I hired coaches and started heavily investing into myself.

Now my question for you is: What lights YOU up?

What are the things you could do all day that would give you a constant ear to ear smile?

What are the things you would love to do if you didn’t have an agenda or a schedule?

One of the best ways to do this is to free up a Saturday or Sunday morning and have ZERO obligations. Then let your soul guide you on what she wants to do and don’t judge it.

If she wants you to skip down the street all day, do it.

If she wants you to play in some dirt and feel the earth, do it.

Even if she wants you to call friends you haven’t talked to in awhile, do that too.

You’re going to feel unproductive, which is actually the point. You want it to feel fun and not like you’re obligated to do them.

These actions won’t give you a full time career, but what they will do is bring you promptings so you can finally hear what you have been resisting to listen to.

When you’re in a state of elation and play, that’s when your guidance clicks in.

That's when you tap into soul consciousness and have an idea for a project or decide you don’t want to stay at your current job.

That’s when realize you can create your life to be a vacation every single day, and when you actually leave on an actual airplane for somewhere start calling it an adventure instead.

Have an amazing weekend ladies and try this out!

I am a true believer that we become sick, gain weight or become depressed and overall dissatisfied with life because we aren’t doing what our soul is guiding us to do.

We create our dream life. We get to decide if our life is one we want to run away from, or run towards <3

Love you all!



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