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Travel Tips For Staying Healthy

I’m currently getting ready for what will be an amazing trip to Spain, and while I’m getting everything ready I thought I would share with you my tips on traveling.

Tips on how I stay healthy and keep up with with my routine so I don’t come back and feel like I am starting over and have to "undo" everything I did.

Before I get into that, I’ll tell you that my number one is always going to be boosting my immune system BEFORE I go.

I see so many people taking extra supplements right before they get onto the plane or drinking more water; you have to do these things at least a week before you leave.

Your immune system takes time to boost, and it’s a lot smarter to just start earlier than regret it if you sit next to someone who’s sick.

And also to point out the obvious: all airplanes are dirty.

And I boost my immune system ahead of time so I don’t have to worry about it while I’m on the plane, because as you know, the negative energy you're projecting thinking about it will actually deplete your immune system.

So here we go!

1. I make sure I’m getting enough sleep the week or weeks before I travel. Sleep greatly improves your immune system, plus lessens your anxiety and stress response which naturally happens while traveling. I always aim for 7-8 every night, but I prioritize this more than ever before I travel. You have to build healthy cells and immunity and sleep is one of the main ways to do this.

2. I ramp up my workout, nutrition, supplements and morning routine. The reason I do this is not to get in bikini body shape (though it’s a nice side effect) I do this because of the way I feel, which reminds me that I want to feel this way while I’m on my trip and it makes it easier to commit to. Plus when I stick to this while I’m traveling I don’t have that feeling of any regret when I come home. I can enjoy new foods and drink and feel zero guilt about it.

3. I make sure I have enough snacks to fuel me and also for emergencies. It’s no secret I have food intolerances (we all do, you just may not have had this confirmed with a blood test yet) so I would rather be in control and have backup if I get into a bind.

4. Fiber. I load up like crazy on fiber every single day. I actually bring packets of chia seeds and add them to water, and also psyllium husk. This keeps me regular and not backed up like people complain about when traveling. I have never had those issues and I’m 93% sure it’s because I prioritize fiber in my diet even when I’m not home. Not only will this keep you regular, but it helps to rid excess toxins and hormones from foods that you can probably already guess won’t be organic or grass-fed.

5. I eat a large breakfast in the morning full of healthy fats and proteins so I don’t focus on food the entire trip. Not fueling up before you go exploring or traveling will make you want that churro on the side of the street and though a churro won’t kill you, that’s not really nutritious to eat every day and I want to feel GOOD while I travel and don’t really compromise.

6. Let’s be real, we all like to have a few drinks while we vacation, am I right? I feel zero guilt about this because both Tommy and I have reinforcement both before and after we drink alcohol. A few of the supplements we pack with us are: activated charcoal, milk thistle, NAC, magnesium, and greens powders (we like Athletic Greens) I take these daily in the morning and sometimes also before I go to bed to ensure I am loving my liver. And I also still drink over a gallon of water a day to flush it all out.

7. And last but not least, I remind myself that I am in control and that I don’t want to undo everything I have done in terms of my health. Having a treat meal once in awhile is awesome, but one too many CAN undo your progress and I’m not speaking in terms of gaining fat or anything to do with aesthetics. I’m speaking in terms of hormones, gut health, cognition and energy. It’s just non-negociable to me now to have fun, but be mindful that raging on loafs of bread everyday and taking back 7 sugary daiquiris a day will in fact be a regret I have when I’m back:)

Hopefully these help you to relax on your vacations, remind you to stay present and enjoy your time with the ones you love.



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