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How To Get Into Vibrational Alignment

This is a topic I get asked about ALOT and I wanted to create an email to talk more about it.

One of the main questions being, “how do I know if I’m in alignment or not?”

The simplest answer?

You feel GOOD. You feel excited, happy, ready to take on the day (most days) and you aren’t asking that question anymore.

The things you once cared about that was perceived as important no longer phase you (comparing yourself to others, what others think of you, etc)

And you just have this solid feeling that you’re in your truth and in sync with your higher self (soul) and your vibe is well......high!

But for those of you who are not feeling this way and want to be able to get into this feeling and be in excitement and joy every day, I created 5 steps for you to get into alignment, and actually pretty quickly.

Note: #5 is probably going to be a shocker;)

Here we go!!

1. Stop doing the things that no longer feel good to you. You know exactly what I’m talking about before I even go into this. And I’m not talking tasks that you HAVE to do at work or like washing the dishes- I’m talking the things you’re doing on a daily basis like stalking an Instagram model who travels the world as her job and you begin to feel jealous. The reality TV shows that you’re watching that only spread negative vibes like gossip that when the show is over, you feel like someone took a vacuum and sucked up your energy. Stop going this! It’s a habit, I get it. But once you evaluate what actually makes you feel good and what doesn’t (get honest with yourself) your vibe just naturally increases.

2. Getting outside and grounding in nature. This is by far the tool that grounds me the most. I try to do this at least once a day preferably in the morning to really get centered. It quite literally grounds my energy, gives me clarity, and gives me a sense of healing as that’s what Mother Earth does, she heals. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, other than making sure you’re taking off your shoes and socks and connecting with the earth. I’ve done this in dirt on the side of the road, grass, the beach, all that matters is your intention. Try it and once you feel the noticeable difference you will be hooked!

3. Eating high vibrational foods and drink. This one is HUGE and it’s not for the reasons you think I’m going to say. What you’re doing by eating hivibe foods is creating a thriving environment that the cells in your body are absorbing which then gets projected out as a positive feeling. You’re eating the foods that truly serve you, and not eating how others are asking you to. Your hivibe food today may be a pineapple protein smoothie, and tomorrow may be a gigantic kale and chicken salad. The point is that you have to eat how you’re feeling that day. If today you’re feeling and craving a salad yet you force yourself to drink a smoothie, that’s not alignment or hivibe. That’s creating negative feelings, you get what I’m saying? Go for what feels GOOD to you, and don’t let others dictate what you’re eating. Eat healthily (obviously) but go for what your soul and cells are craving. I don’t have “cheat” meals often, and not because I’m trying to obtain a certain body fat percentage, but because I feel like sh*t almost every time I have them and I’m not going willing to compromise feeling like that.

4. Meditating any way that feels good to you. Here’s is what trips people up when it comes to meditation: they think they have to sit cross legged in a closet and Om for 2 hours. This is SO far from the truth! Some days you may feel like being in silence and doing the traditional way, other days you may feel like playing. Some days my meditation is putting on some Calvin Harris and dancing for 15 minutes while visualizing my future. Some days I drive in silence and listen to inner promptings. Some days I use an app called Insight Timer (free on Apple apps) and let a soothing voice guide me. Again- the point is doing what feels good that DAY. Not letting someone else tell you what to do because that won’t get you into alignment.

5. Avoiding people that don’t feel good to you. I’m not going to expand much on this one because you already know intuitively who these people are. Trust yourself to know that by limiting interaction with these people, you can’t help but expand and increase your vibration and get into alignment with who you are.

There you go! I hope these helped as they truly have helped me to get back into sync with myself and feel at one with who I am. These aren’t things I do on a needed basis, these are now part of my lifestyle.

They make me feel amazing, so I make them non-negotiable, kinda like brushing my teeth at night:)

For me- my life started to shift when I took responsibility for my vibration and what I wanted to create. I knew I needed a shift and I decided to make a change.

There are SO many other ways to get into alignment and I’d love to hear your way of doing this! There’s no right or wrong way, and let the way you feel after doing certain things be your guide <3

Have an amazing day ladies and go to what feels GOOD every day.



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