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Self-Sabotage: How Do You Know It's Happening?

I just got back from a weekend workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza who you’ve heard me mention in my posts and in my Instagram stories, and this weekend I heard a truth bomb that caught my attention and made me say WHOA.

The quote that hit me hard was simple yet profound.

That quote was:

“Suffering gets you the most attention, that’s why you stay there.”

How true has this been for most of us in the past or in our current reality which can relate to in all aspects of life?

-Getting attention from family members because your relationship is never going great.

-Friends enabling each other because you haven’t lost the weight you desire, or that none of you are able to fit into last years bathing suits. Suddenly dinners turn into low vibe conversation of whose life is worse?

-That no matter how much you try to save, you’re always broke- and can’t seem to get ahead.

Complaining gets attention. Complaining gets pity. It’s a self- sabotage technique and ego move. Your ego is afraid you’ll lose the attention (though negative) by getting healthier, happier, or wealthier. At some level, we all crave attention. This becomes such an addiction that that we forget how low vibrational this is.

This is the attention that keeps us stuck, stagnant, and afraid of change. The stuck that keeps us in bad paying jobs, staying with nutrition/ health programs that have never worked and are borderline dangerous, or the viscous gossip cycle with toxic friends. Personal responsibility is EVERYTHING. Realizing that you’re addicted to the attention of not reaching your highest potential, because that’s what you’re used to.

People enable each other’s suffering and call this normal.

I don’t ever want to live this story (again because I’ve been there too) and have decided to never buy into the victim mentality.

Where in your life can you break through this addiction and realize that it’s just that?

Something you’re used to hearing, feeling, seeing, and feel comfortable with?

That’s all an addiction is: it’s habits that your body does without consulting your brain first, which is something I teach to break free from in my coaching.

Your health and happiness and the LOVE you feel for yourself and others is all there is. If you’re missing one of these components, you aren’t aligned, growing or able to live the highest version of yourself.

Change the story. Realize you are worthy. And end the suffering that was never meant to last and you were meant to break through to embody sheer BLISS.

PS: If this is something you’re looking to break away from, stay tuned because I will be opening up my Inner Goddess Group Coaching Program again here soon that not only transforms you on a physical level (hello anti-aging and goodbye stubborn fat) but also helps you break free from the vicious cycles and habits you’ve carried with you and know inside that you’re worthy of more.

Have an AMAZING day and remember that you can choose differently at any time <3



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