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Is Social Media Dictating Your Goals?

Hey ladiesss, you made it!

To Saturday, that is, though I like looking forward to all days ;)

I’ve been seeing so many amazing changes to social media recently, and I just had to talk about it.

It’s both exciting and refreshing seeing so many women discussing and posting about the facades that are being projected on social media feeds. Showing their own bodies as examples of how editing pictures creates an entirely different physique in 2.5 minutes. And showcasing that the looks in both pictures are absolutely beautiful.

Which reminds me of a comment I had a couple of years ago which I’ll never forget. I had a woman tell me that the reason I don’t have a 6 pack, is because I lacked discipline.

That because I didn’t carry Tupperware around with me 24/7, I was doing it wrong.

She never thought to even ask me if that was my goal, which it wasn’t, and it’s mentalities like this that make you feel less than and become discouraged with your own journey.

It makes you feel like you're doing something wrong, and that you should be doing more.

But what if that isn't your goal?

What if all you want is to be healthy and you've been letting others influence your goals and dreams? Needless to say, the woman who told me the above is no longer in my energy field. And I have zero tolerance for women who feel the need to make others feel less than.

I have a different journey, different goals, and almost none of them are attached to how much I weigh. They are most certainly attached to how I FEEL.

I’m in this for journey of health and happiness for the long haul, not the quick and also dangerous fixes.

I’m in it for the longevity, the anti-aging through lessening of free radicals and stress hormones• The eating what my body is craving to fill the gap nutritionally of what I may be lacking, and not pay attention to macros

The going out to dinner and making memories vibes that includes eating more than you’re “supposed” to and having zero guilt for it

And the overall joy that brings looking at my body in the mirror and loving how I’m treating it and how I see myself, because that’s literally all that matters.

Attaching a goal with an ideal body, a number on the scale, or fat percentage will NEVER make you happy long term.

Move your body however that looks to you, nourish it, drink that high quality H20, and for the love of the man upstairs, don’t let anyone dictate YOUR journey and what makes YOU happy.

Health will though. Getting out of bed energized, with a clear head, with a balanced mood (that comes from balanced hormones) and a High Vibe from surrounding yourself with the RIGHT women.

Ask yourself today..." Is what I'm doing really MY goal, or someone elses?" And also ask yourself if you are truly happy, because that's really all that matters in life.

Have an amazing Saturday and go out and do something that sets your soul on fire <3



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