• Taylor Stone

The Universe Rewards Boundaries

As the year came to an end we tend to reflect on the past 365 days whether we intentionally do this or not.

Thoughts go through your head like:

“Did I accomplish everything I set as a goal?”

“Did I grow?”

“Did I remove what wasn’t serving me and FINALLY start setting massive boundaries for myself?”

Intentions are everything, I set these weekly and not yearly though you’re actually setting intentions every day whether or not you realize it. And this is something I dive into with my programs.

The issues we run into when setting intentions is we don’t usually have accountability or a tribe to feel like we’re held accountable, and surrounded with like minded women who have the same goals.

We tell ourselves we can lean on family members, friends, and significant others instead, when this actually can be the very thing that is sabotaging you if they don’t have the same goals and aspirations as you.

One of the things I absolutely LOVE about coaching is that women join my group or coach with me one on one to balance hormones, lose fat, and heal any health issues they’re having, then realize they have turned into a completely different person mentally and spiritually at the end of the program.

They’ve set boundaries. They are finally saying NO to shit they don’t want to do or people they no longer want to associate with, and they don’t feel guilty about it.

They finally put themselves first and have instilled massive self-love and have blown through their limiting beliefs of feeling worthy or having it ALL.

We were born deserving it all. It isn’t something that we achieve after “x,y,z,” it’s something we just need to rediscover about ourselves and pull off the layers.

Hence the reason I named my company Inner Goddess, because she’s there, she’s just covered with some layers right now but she’s capable and worthy of having it ALL.

Have an amazing day and rest of the week and remember that the Universe rewards us for self-care and putting ourselves first, and in turn starts sending us more amazing things to match the vibration we are emitting <3



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