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New Year: New Mind, New Body

Happy brand New Year!

I love a clean slate and being able to respect and reflect on how 2017 served me and then move the heck on.

What you did do, didn’t do, how much you ate, how little you worked out in 2017 is pretty much irrelevant, because you can choose TODAY to change it all.

Isn’t that amazing? It’s not magic, it’s just a simple decision to decide.

Ok, back on topic.

I get A LOT of questions on detoxing. If it’s for you, why you should do it, and how often.

I will first tell you that our bodies were designed to detoxify naturally. The primary functions of our kidneys, liver and other systems are meant to flush out toxins.

The system stops working when neglect occurs. With one too many drinks each week, processed foods, not drinking enough water, thinking negative thoughts, theyall back up the machine that is your body.

The build up becomes so thick, that our body cannot naturally keep up with the process of phase 2 detoxification, and we begin to develop symptoms.

These symptoms include (but are not limited to):

-Headaches and migraines

-Horrible periods

-Fatigue and low energy


-Digestive issues such as constipation, IBS, irritable bowel syndrome

-Negative emotions(your liver stores old, built up emotions)

-Hormonal imbalance such as fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, build up birth control pill nasty side effects

-Micronutrient deficiencies because your bodies ability to absorb has slowed down

I always laugh when I see or hear other influencers state you do not need to detox.

There’s a fine line between doing a lemonade cleanse, tea tox or fad diet, and doing a whole foods elimination diet along with the proper herbs and supplements to clear the toxins out.

Keep in mind that even if you believe you are eating “clean” that clean can mean a number of things.

For example:

Unless the meat, chicken or fish you are eating states organic and hormone free, you are ingesting antibiotics that they gave those animals, and hormones that made them grow bigger.

Basically, you are what your animal ate. And 9/10, the restaurants you are eating at are not serving hormone and antibiotic free meats.

This is an example of a tiny tweak you can make to your nutrition to start clearing out toxins, not going on a “teatox” and using quick fixes which are unhealthy not to mention dangerous.

Sugar is another culprit that turns toxic when consumed in excess, and there’s a great article by Wellness Mama (if you don’t know who she is, you should follow her) where she compares alcohol to sugar in terms of toxicity. You can find that article HERE.

I like to think of myself as detoxing daily. Not on on a physical level, but emotional as well.

I do this by:

-Saying NO more

-Setting stronger and healthier boundaries

-Clearing out clutter from my home and car

-Moving my body through however feels good to me that day

-And instilling massive self-love habits that I do every single day

I hope you are all off to an amazing 2018 and if you feel like you are exhibiting any of the above symptoms, try out my 14 Day Detox Program. You have nothing to lose but toxins and stubborn fat, and everything to gain.



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