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How To Avoid Gaining Weight Over Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving seems to be a huge stressor for women recently, who are not sure of how to approach the all you can eat buffet.

From experience in the past, I have been that girl who has taken seconds and thirds while knowing I would regret it the next day.

But what if you don’t have to live on regret island? What if you could eat what you wanted and not feel a single ounce of guilt after?

Over the years I heard learned to “hack” Thanksgiving, that way I don’t fear it ahead of time, during, or after.

This honestly defeats the whole purpose of the Holiday and just enjoying being in the present moment with family and friends.

Here are my top 5 things I do before, during, and after Thanksgiving so I have zero regrets and am able to resume my life after this special day:)

And this will probably be different than traditional “bring your own food and eat beforehand” advice, as I don’t really agree with that. Eat what you want, just do these things in addition.

1. Work out (preferably legs) the morning of Thanksgiving. Doing a heavy leg day allows your muscles to soak up the extra calories and carbs and lead them straight to your glutes and tone your muscles. This is something you should be doing anyways after a leg workout, but it’s especially important on this day. Make sure you eat right after you workout also (don’t just wait for dinner) but be rest assured these calories are being used to build muscle and not stored as fat.

2. Drink water between alcoholic drinks as this will lessen the sodium and bloat you may get from the food also. Again, I’m not going to tell you to avoid alcohol, that’s kind of crazy. Have fun but be responsible.

3. Eat what you want, enjoy the food, be present.

4. When you get home, mix 2-3 tbsp of chia seeds in water and soak (until they get thick) and drink. The seeds will help absorb any alcohol you’ve had and the fiber will help to eliminate the food you’ve eaten the next day. This is important, because you don’t want to get backed up from the food you don’t normally eat. This could lead to fatigue and sluggishness the next day.

5. For the next few days, up your greens powder (I like Detox Organics) lemon juice water, dandelion root tea, and sweat! Sweating it out either with a workout or sauna is great for your body, plus you can envision toxins leaving your body.

That’s it! And the reason I don’t tell you to bring healthier choices to eat is because it isn’t that serious. I promise you can enjoy your day and still not gain a pound.

Now, if you know you are a person who will spin out and get into a food coma, then maybe it’s smart to bring your own food.

Just ladies, please don’t put that much stress on yourselves. I promise you that you will not gain 5 pounds by looking at the pumpkin pie, it just won’t happen.

Have an amazing Thanksgiving and if you’re wanting to raise your vibration, release limiting beliefs, bad habits, and also lose that 5-10 lbs you haven’t been able to lose, my group program starts THIS Monday, November 27th!

I’m closing enrollment tomorrow so make sure to check out the link here and reply back with any questions.

You’re better than waiting to start like everyone else on January 1st. Plus New Years Resolutions are proven not to work when you have that mindset.

Make the choice to get healthier, happier and fitter now and be proud of yourself before the ball drops, not after <3



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