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Self-Care and Self-Love: Why this shouldn’t be a once a week thing

This is a topic you hear about a lot and for some reason the idea of these two are almost like it should be treated as a once a week, mystical event. Something you do when you have time, when it’s convenient and scheduled in.

Though I will agree that you must make this a priority and schedule it in if that helps, I’d love for more women to see these as rituals they can do daily.

Because these terms have been so popularized, most women are associating them with things that cost money like massages, facials, pedicures etc. Though I agree with pampering yourself like this, limiting your self-care/love to these types of things can greatly add more stress than the purpose of relaxation and loving yourself. It also makes you believe that you need to be spending hundreds per week, which isn’t true at all.

Last night I snapped a photo on my story of a bath I take at least 2 times a week that simultaneously detoxes as well as relaxes. It’s also a time I can cut off all contact from the outside world, focusing on being present.

This can be done in silence, or listening to soothing music, a podcast, or anything else that relaxes you.

I get my most inspiring ideas from baths, and the relaxing effects from the epsom salts help also.

Here are some ways to love up on yourself, without breaking the bank:

  • 30 minute walk outside, or just grounding in the grass

  • Reading for 30 minutes or journaling

  • Taking an Epsom salt bath mixed with baking soda (the baking soda pulls toxins from your body)

  • Listening to soothing music like classical, piano, acoustic while you stretch or on the drive home from work

  • Watching a funny movie, listening to comedy, or podcast

  • Dancing, working out, or anything else that lights you up

There are no rules to this, only that you must enjoy it! It pretty much defeats the purpose if you hate to read yet are sitting for 30 minutes holding a book. Get an audio version instead and don’t judge yourself.

By putting YOU first and making sure to prioritize yourself, you feel less stressed, more whole and more joy in your life.

I always know when I’m not prioritizing this, because I feel less inspired and “off.”

What’s the one thing you can do starting today to implement a little self-care and self-love into your life?

Have fun with it;)

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