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How Do You Know If You Need To Detox?

Happy brand new month ladies!

Hopefully you had an amazing Halloween and you're ready to rock for the remaining 60 (give or take) days of the year.

A short answer to the question of who needs to detox?


I get this question a lot...

“how do I know when it's a right time to detox?”

The first question I ask is if they've ever done a detox before, and if the answer is never then my response is you should do it immediately.

Your body holds on to toxins that build up inside your skin and other organs for years. Causing massive amounts of health issues, hormonal imbalances, headaches, mental fog, and even depression.

Even those who eat impeccable diets must detox yearly or even quarterly if they can.

Currently, I'm embarking on a 30 day infrared sauna treatment where the toxins are literally pulled from deep inside my body and extracted and eliminated via sweat.

I've done a nutritional detox multiple times and it's now time to step up my game so I can #livetil120.

I'm doing this because I have no control over environmental toxins, what was in the food I ate when I went on x,y,z vacation and because I also want to feel at my best at all times.

I want a peak level of performance, not a mediocre life experience. That's not why we're here and I deserve to live the highest quality of life.

For me, intuitively I just knew it was time to get a deep cleanse in which I'm also incorporating my own detox program along with, but how do you know you need a detox?

Some symptoms that you're in need of a great cleanse are:

-Moodiness and emotional issues

-Weight gain especially around your mid-section (toxins are stored in fat cells)

-Hormonal imbalance: painful periods, PCOS, endometriosis, low sex drive

-Acne and other skin issues

-Getting sick frequently/low immunity

-Brain fog like whoa. Not being able to remember things and feeling "off"

-Digestive issues like constipation, bloating, gas, and discomfort

You may have one of these symptoms, but chances are you have a majority of them. And this isn't anything to be ashamed of, we live in a toxic world.

My coaching clients are always completely shocked when they're done with my detox because they couldn't fathom ever feeling like this. And they never want to go back to how they once felt. Why would they?

-They look younger and more vibrant

-Their skin has cleared up and acne is gone

-They lost 10 lbs

-They can think clearly now- Hallelujah!

-They don't have awful periods anymore

-They have child like energy and the crash during the day has gone away

-And their confidence is back: they've gained their self worth back from years of neglect.

Everyone must detox, this isn't a fad or some trendy diet. We all become toxic and need to get that sh*t out!

I don't want anyone to not get healthy because they can't afford it, and since it's officially November and my favorite time of the year, I just put my 14 day detox program on sale for $19.99. Normally $50 and will be available at the discounted price until midnight tonight.

And I already know what you're thinking: " It's so close to Thanksgiving that I'd rather wait until after it's over to do this.

Two things to help address this:

A: By reframing this to, "I can cleanse my system in the 14 days prior to Thanksgiving that way I can indulge in what I want that day and feel zero guilt."

B: You buy it now and use it after Thanksgiving, but I promise you that you will feel more accomplished if you do it before.

Take control and realize that if you're living a life feeling less than you want to, YOU are in control. YOU have the ability to change it today, and not spend another second feeling anything less than worthy <3

Have an amazing day and click HERE to buy the program and get a jump start on living the life you know you're capable of living.



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