• Taylor Stone

IIFYM.....Should I Do It?

The IIFYM diet scares the hell out of me and what's being taught to younger, less educated men and women. Promoting the ability to achieve a chiseled body with hormone disrupting foods that are not only creating imbalances and nutritional deficiencies, but adding unnecessary toxins to your system. We get enough of those just by stepping outside with environmental stressors. Promoting that 3 double stuffed Oreos will have the same impact on your body as a sweet potato. Promoting that it's, “all energy and it’s the same amount of calories” which couldn't be more false. Everything you eat sends information to your cells, how they should function and operate. You're either just feeding yourself, or you're nourishing yourself. Empty calories make you feel, well....empty.

And this isn't to say you shouldn't have treat meals. I have one at least once a week and teach my clients the same and I believe it helps have a healthy relationship with food. Zero restrictions, I'll eat one if I crave one. But I don't reward myself with McDonald's or other fake foods that will make me feel like I have the flu the next day. That's a disrespect system, not a reward system. Nourish your body, respect it, and it will pay you back in more ways than you can imagine❤️

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