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Anti-aging tips for beautiful skin

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about botox lately. Both from friends and also women in my group coaching program asking about it’s safety.

As you have probably already assumed from seeing my pictures and content, I am all about both feeling AND looking amazing. And actually, both of those come as a unit once you implement some of the tips in this email.

So, what is botox actually?

Botox is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. The bi-product is called botulinum toxin for sure. It is made from what is classified as a neurotoxin produced by bacteria. Talk about a chemical storm.

Once it’s inside your body, it can disrupt your nervous system and cause a ton of harmful effects.

And if you think about it, it makes sense: The purpose of botox is to paralyze muscles, so think about what the residual is doing to the rest of your body.

I’m not going to cover the side effects, partly because there are a TON but the purpose of this email is to give you alternatives. I would highly suggest though that you research the side effects if you’re currently using botox.

We’ve all seen women who have gone from a beautiful face covered in acne, looking dull and stressed out, to fast forward 1-2 months and completely clear and glowing.

This is because once you clean up your diet, take out what you’re intolerant to and get toxins out, not only will the acne go away but those fine lines and wrinkles fill out. You realize you don’t even need those injections anymore.

Just this week, I’ve had multiple women email and message me that they haven’t had such smooth and glowing skin in ten years! Reverse aging IS a real thing, and it doesn’t take “work” it just takes doing the right things and being preventative about it.

It makes me smile because 99.2% of women come to me to lose fat, gain confidence and balance hormones, then realize they look 10 years younger when the program is completed.

Don’t play the waiting game, start implementing tools to stay youthful, with supple skin, and get that glow.

Here are the things I do daily to ensure I stay youthful and these are also the tips I give to the women in my programs:

  • Drink that water, girl. This is by far the most important element to clear and youthful skin. Your body is 70% water, so you need to constantly be replenishing yourself to stay dewy and glowing. Plus- your body is detoxing on the daily (unless you have a clogged liver which I have articles on my website about) and if you aren’t flushing them out they will reabsorb into your system and cause more skin issues.

  • Add in a high quality greens powder. I don’t care what you have heard, we do not get enough vitamins and minerals in our diets from food alone. It’s nearly impossible to eat that much kale or spinach to achieve the RDA (recommended daily allowance) My two favorites are: Detox Organics and Athletic Greens. If I want an extra boost, I sometimes take these together. Intense.....I know.

  • Find a high quality collagen protein powder. This is straight from Bulletproof's website and once you read the benefits, you’ll be sold: Collagen improves skin's elasticity, removes wrinkles, decreases skin cracking, improves moisture, and softens joints.

  • Find out which foods you’re intolerant to, then never eat them again. I wish I were joking, but I find one of the main culprits to acne and not so amazing skin is eating the foods that you are intolerant to. An intolerance is actually inflammation in your body, foods that your body does not agree with therefore it becomes inflamed. Think about when you get a bug bite, your skin gets red and inflamed. This is what happens inside your body, you just can’t see it then it manifests into acne and overall dull and dry appearance. The main foods to stay away from that are bad for skin? Dairy, wheat, grains, and bad oils such as soybean, canola, and vegetable oil. If you don’t know how to do an elimination diet, check out my detox program which helps you to find the culprits and take them out. Plus you’ll lose 5-10lbs in the process and feel amazing.

  • Eliminate sugar. Yes, even fruit. This is a common question I get about sugar, can I eat fruit? I treat fruit as an actual treat. Meaning that It's rare I eat anything containing sugar. It wasn't always this way, I used to get massive cravings for sweets until I completely detoxed my body, now it's rare I want it. Sugar causes inflammation throughout your body which affects your skin in a large way. If you choose to eat fruit, make sure to eat it before or after a workout so you burn it off and limit it to fruits rich in antioxidants like berries.

  • Sleep. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep. Your cells turnover when you sleep and regenerate. This is the body’s recovery time and if you aren’t sleeping yet still wondering why you aren’t not only seeing an improvement in aesthetics, but this is the reason why some can’t get their health on track, no matter what they do. Prioritize this, get at least 6-8 hours every night and a pleasant side effect is you will think clearer and also have more energy:)

  • Sweat. Either at the gym or in a sauna. Your skin is your largest organ, and when you sweat the toxins leave your body via those glands. It’s a myth that sweat actually causes acne. The only way this could happen is if you’re touching your face while you sweat. Don’t do this, your hands are usually always dirty so when you wipe your face with your hands at the gym, you can clog your pores.

  • Dry brushing before you shower. Dry brushing has so many benefits including an improvement in circulation throughout your body, detoxing your lymphatic system, eliminating cellulite and spider veins, and it sheds old skin. I do this at least 5 times per week and i’ll probably do it for the rest of my life because it’s that amazing!

Did you notice I mentioned nothing about skincare? That’s because it’s a waste of money if your nutrition is poor. Beauty comes from the inside out, a great skincare is a bonus and helps to maintain your look, not reverse the aging process.

Try these tips out for a month and I can promise you an improvement. Clear, tight and beautiful skin is possible without fillers and botox. It takes implementing new habits but it’s oh so worth it <3



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