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Signs you aren't eating enough calories

A common problem I've been hearing lately from not only coaching clients but also women reaching out, is that they are constantly exhausted.

They can’t find the energy to work out, or cook for themselves which in essence is what gets them closer to where they want to be.

Which I know can be SO frustrating.

The first thing I usually ask about is sleep, then stress, then about personal relationships. Aka: what is draining you?

Because you can be drained at a mental and spiritual level also, which will in turn affect your body.

But something new that I’m finding out that doesn’t have to do with these things at all, is that they aren’t eating enough.

They have been put on a massive calorie deficit which is not only draining their energy, but wrecking their hormones and health.

I don’t even ask anymore where they got their “nutrition program” from, because I get too fired up.

It’s becoming WAY too common, especially with social media, to have these cookie cutter one size fits all nutrition programs.

And while I personally do not count calories anymore, when they describe their meals I am shocked to find out that most of them add up to: wait for it….

A measly 800 calories or less!

No wonder they can’t function, their brains don’t have enough oxygen or food to function.

By not consuming enough calories, it’s costing you more than you are aware of.

Here are some of the long term effects cutting calories to a dangerous level will have on your body and mind:

-Memory loss

-Weakness, dizziness, and overall imbalance (this could also be something more serious which is a great idea to check out with your naturopath about)

-Hormonal imbalance such as losing progesterone, testosterone, and even estrogen(aka no sex drive)

-Thyroid not functioning properly which in turn leads to hypothyroidism and your metabolism down.

-Depletion of vital vitamins and minerals that control your heart, brain, and electrolytes throughout your body.

-Muscle mass loss

-Skipped periods or awful and painful periods when they do come.

-Emotional issues: anger, sadness, overall bad moods constantly. Hangry all the time.

-Infertility (I have had to tell 25 year old women they were in menopause before)

-Constipation and digestive issues because you aren’t getting enough fiber

-Binging disorders on the weekend because you literally can’t help it. I’m actually being very serious as your body is screaming for calories and slowly dying inside.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to go about losing fat and getting into shape.

Don’t let a coach/trainer/”expert” tell you that the only way to lose weight is to drop your calories that low.

Forward them this email if you want to;)

And if you’re struggling with how much you should be eating and are seeking overall help to have sustainable results, reach out for one on one coaching. My group program has already began but I would love to help you avoid the misery that is 800 calorie bird food diets.

Email me and we can talk about where you're at to see if it's a good fit.

Have an amazing day and remember that life is about feeling amazing EVERY. SINGLE. DAY, even while getting into shape and gaining your health back.



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