• Taylor Stone

Is stress causing your weight gain?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been told that stress and lack of sleep is a normal part of life and you should just deal with it if you want to be successful?

That was me, until I got physically and mentally sick.

I have never been more stressed out than when I was in college working 40 hours a week, taking 18 credit hours, and was still trying (hence the word trying) to balance my personal life.

I didn’t live the exciting dorm life, I didn’t go out and socialize much because I thought that by “grinding” at a young age I would be ahead of everyone else and be able to just relax later on in life.

False. It literally could not have backfired more.

Very quickly into this type of schedule I developed Chronic Fatigue, Hypothyroidism, Adrenal Fatigue, Anxiety, major Hypochondria (from always being sick) and was not enjoying life.

I spent most of my time calling my mother daily (who’s a nurse) telling her how WebMd told me I had a tumor and asking her how long she thought I had to live.

Every other day it was something different because I was a complete basket case.

Then came the MRI’s, CT scans….Ok I think you get it.

Sorry, mom. And shout out to all the doctors who were patient with me.

If you know me and have been following me for awhile, you know that I believe that everything happens for a reason and we are all EXACTLY where we are supposed to be at this exact moment.

I believe that, truly. And for that reason is why my purpose in life is to educate and prevent women from going through the same things as I did.

Because of that journey I spent years researching and getting degrees in everything health related.

And though life can still get stressful at times, I am 120% more equipped now with dealing with it because my hormones are in balance and I educated myself of the importance of self-care and how "the grind" is a very real thing……if you want to be hospitalized.

Lack of sleep +extreme stress +poor diet = hormonal imbalance which equals a hot mess.

This is how it happens:

  • Your fight or flight sets in (think primal days when a Lion would threaten us) and because your hormones are imbalanced and you no longer have them balanced enough or the tools to deal with the stress….

  • Cortisol spikes (stress and fat storing hormone)….

  • Heart rate rises…..

  • Panic occurs…

  • And because of the stress, your body literally steals and deplets progesterone from your body and uses it instead for stress hormone production (progesterone is the calming hormone)

  • You finally calm yourself down, then you rinse and repeat....unknowingly.

What this will do to you long term is cause adrenal fatigue and other hormonal storms. These make you not only unable to get out of bed but causes weight gain, messes with your mind, and stops you from living your life.

And because I have experienced this I will tell you that there is nothing worse.

Take care of your health, give yourself permission to take time for yourself.

You’ve already seen my emails on self-love and self-care and take those very seriously because your quality of life depends on it.

There IS hope, and you shouldn't have to live with this viscous cycle.

I still have a few spots open for my 4 week hormone balancing and fat shedding (plus vibe increasing) group program that starts again on October 2nd.

If you would like to be a part of this amazing group of women and get your life back, build massive confidence, balance your hormones, burn fat, and gain more energy, email me back that you're in and ready to make a massive shift in your life <3

Have an amazing day and remember to breathe;)



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