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14 days to a healthy liver and body

Did you catch my Instagram story the other day on liver and gut health? I showed some supplements to help detoxify your liver but also reminded you how important it is to make sure your nutrition is benefiting you and not harming you.

Have you recently found yourself lashing out at someone and thought to yourself, "where did that come from, that wasn't me?"

Or began to cry multiple times, or got anxious for no apparent reason and it wasn't even close to that time of the month?

How about just being in a funk and being angry at the world? Recognizing that if one more thing goes down today that isn't your way you're going to jump on someone like a Spider Monkey?

(One of my favorite quotes, by the way)

This is because your liver houses all of your emotions......

You've heard me mention before that your liver filters and helps elimiate hormones(like excess estrogen), filters blood, and removes toxins, and if it’s stagnant....nothing will flow.

The liver is especially vulnerable to negative emotions like envy, irritability (acting irrational) anger, frustration, and resentment. If you don’t get things moving, it will eat away at you.

Symptoms of a stagnant liver range from:

-Acne and other skin issues like psoriasis and rosacea

-Extreme PMS from ovarian cysts and PCOS

-Weight gain (especially without changing your diet)

-Headaches and foggy brain

-Puffy eyes with circles underneath (lack of circulation and chi stagnation)

-Poor digestion (gas, bloat, contipation, IBS)

-Innability to sleep and insomnia

Another common blocked liver symptom is waking up multiple times a night. To learn more about this look up Chinese Medicine Clock, which tells you which times correlate with different organs that need to be detoxed.

I remember when I was about 21 and I had a full time job, took 18 credit hours in school, was dancing for a professional dance team, and was sick which seemed like every other week because of the stress.

Not to mention walking around like an angry panda because I was popping antibiotics like they were candy.

Clogged liver+no sleep+too much stress+imbalanced hormones+overuse of antibiotics=borderline psychosis. If you've experienced this you know what I'm talking about.

How I wish I knew this was a liver issue rather than a psychiatric issue because guess what else I was later diagnosed with? Anxiety.


Take this to heart when I say that by trait we are emotional beings, but only to an extent. You aren't depressed or anxious, you just have a clogged liver.

Remove the toxins where the old emotions that are hiding and feel yourself again. Not to mention lose fat, gain more energy, and clear your skin.

Get really honest with yourself. Is this you?

In my 14 day Detox I have the exact nutrition program as well as supplements and protocols to clear any emotional of physical pain you’ve been experiencing ssociated with the above symptoms.

You are not crazy.

You are not your thoughts.

Your liver is just sad and needs some TLC.

You can BOTH feel amazing and look amazing. And you won't need to sacrifice anything.

Click here to check out more signs and symptoms of a congested liver and get on your way to feeling LIVELY again.

Have an amazing day and so much love to you all!



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