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Living your authentic truth

Are you

I often times ask myself this question as I’m posting on any social platform as I know my role as a leader is to inspire, educate, and with my own flavor.

I think about my target audience, who I am talking to, let my intuition chime in, and let it roll.

And what I don’t do, is read other women’s content, from other coaches and inspiration leaders, and tweak my message to be like theirs.

This is soul crushing, and won’t allow you to fully portray that woman you were meant to be, appointed by Source, God, Universe, whichever term you choose to use.

Now, you may not be a content creator, but where in your life can you apply this?

Not living congruent with your soul purpose?

Not telling Sally to quit complaining about x,y,z because it’s ruining the vibe.

Not leaving your job even though it makes you miserable.

Our actions are always teaching. Whether you're a mom, educator, friend, employee, spouse.

I don’t have kids, but I have a mom (who is amazing) and if there was one thing she was great at that I observed as a kid was she ALWAYS held her power, and didn’t chameleon to anyone else. 3,000% authentic.

She didn’t, and still doesn’t, buy into gossip and participate.

She always speaks the truth, even if it pisses people off (Hashtag Leo’s).

She taught me how important eating healthy is and how to respect your body.

And she taught me that if something or someone is not making you happy, you first need to evaluate, make a decision, and not spend another second with that which does not serve you.

We are SO powerful as women and we must hold our power at all times.

We aren’t victims to our circumstances and we need to hold ourselves accountable to everything that happens in our lives.

Something that may sting but holds massive truth is that we are always teaching people how to treat us. Always.

If you’re being disrespected, stand up for yourself, don’t take that and don’t confuse resilience with tolerance.

This is getting off to a slight tangent but it gets me fired up:)

So my challenge for you today becomes: how can you clean it up?

There may be one thing that comes up, there may be ten things that come up but the purpose of this is to make you aware. Fully accountable, improving, shedding the layers.

If you’ve been acting like someone else for a long period of time, know that you can always reveal your true self, at any time.

Own your truth.

You know who you are, be HER.



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