• Taylor Stone

How to release old Energy and start over

Happy Total Eclipse ladies!

As the Eclipse begins to wind down, it’s important to understand its meanings and the energetic shift that is SUPER powerful and sometimes not fully understood.

This is a time of releasing old energies, contracts, habits and other things that you know are no longer serving you.

Our subconscious mind absorbs SO much energy and beliefs that we may not even be aware of or chose to keep.

Patterns we adapt like negative self-talk, poor eating habits, gossip, can all be things we aren’t choosing and are actually absorbing from others- which then become habitual in nature.

Sometimes this only comes “up” with energy shifts like Full Moons and when eclipses are in full force.

Meaning all of these limiting beliefs, health issues, and negative energy may come as a complete shock to you...yet you’ve been manifesting them for years.

Earlier today I did a video on my Facebook Page on the importance of detoxifying your life in any way you can right now, so you aren’t forced to later on.

When you choose to shift, rather than are forced to shift, it makes it and easier process and there are no surprises.

If this video resonates with you and you are looking to make massive shifts in your life, my 4 week group program starts in T-minus 2 weeks! Last month it filled up fast so make sure to email me back that you are ready for change <3

And also remember….

No one will ever feel 100% ready. And if Universe knows your capable of doing amazing things, shifts will begin to happen that catapult you one way or another to create change.

Make this a pleasant change and CHOOSE it. Choose you, choose health and happiness and really wide the wave of the energy shift.



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