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How to increase your confidence and self-worth

As I sit here and write this I am amazed at how many amazing, well educated women time and time again neglect their health for more external gratification.

I know you know what I’m talking about, and we have ALL done this.

“Do I really need this greens powder, or a new pair of pumps? I do have that event coming up this weekend.”

"Should I finally join that gym that really amps me up and keeps me motivated all day, or should I set aside that $50 towards the newer and faster car I’ve been wanting?’

Or one of my favorites I used to tell myself….

“A $90 massage lasts 60 minutes, a new purse lasts FOREVER.”


I can’t tell you how detrimental this mindset is and how you are doing a massive disservice to your body and your mind.

Justifying that you should apply your well earned cash towards liabilities and not assets is an extreme hit to your self worth and your soul.

You lose a little bit of your self-worth every time you do this, and it’s a vicious cycle.

Over my 7+ years of coaching I have noticed one trend that is on the rise: Women and their self esteem and overall confidence is at an all time low.

And I firmly believe it's because they're putting materialistic items before their own health.

I’m doing more and more discovery calls with women who lack confidence more than they lack kale.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you should be eating kale. But the reason you aren’t eating kale isn’t because kale is expensive, it’s isn’t because you don’t think kale is good for you, it’s because you've relied SO much on external “things” for your happiness that you don’t think you are worthy of being healthy.

I will now make a vow to never compare your self-worth to kale again, but for the sake of this email it’s extremely relevant.

I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again:

You can have a nutrition program that won the Nobel Prize for creating perfect health, and if you don’t believe you are worthy of feeling healthy and happy, you’ll never follow through with it.

How many of you can relate to this?

You sabotage and sabotage, because the real reason you aren’t seeing results isn’t your nutrition, it’s your mindset.

When you finally start looking yourself in the mirror and telling yourself you ARE worthy, you feel it, you get goosebumps from it, this whole nutrition stuff becomes cake. CAKE.

Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have used cake as an analogy, strike 2 for me, but I know you get my point:)

This is the reason I am doing round 4 of my group coaching program again starting July 31st. I hit mindset every single day along with self-love, inspiration, motivation, and remind you that YOU ARE WORTHY.

You are so worthy.

And of coarse, I do live videos on nutrition, supplements, workouts, all things hormones, QA and other education from my years of coaching.

And my intention for you after the 4 weeks is you leave with an aura of confidence.

You become:








And then you spread this to everyone else, like a ripple effect.

During the 4 weeks by following my protocols you can expect to see:

10-15 lb weight loss- AKA bikini body

Daily videos on:

· Better sleep and less stress

· Balance of mood and hormones, especially around that time of the month

· Boost your metabolism and gain more energy and clarity

· Heal your digestive system from food intolerances, bloat, gas, constipation, IBS and how these issues affect every aspect of your health

· No more acne and smoother and more glowing skin

· Higher sex drive and motivation

· An unbreakable confidence and spirit to really live out life to the fullest

· Accountability and a tribe of women who support each other even after the program is over.

I am only taking 20 committed women who are ready to rock and take action to massively change their lives.

Compared to my one on one coaching program this is extremely affordable, and I do this program intentionally so more women can afford it.

Email me and let me know you are IN!

The new pair of shoes can wait, your health and confidence, can't.

Have an amazing Tuesday and I’m SO excited to assist you in your transformation starting September 5th.

Sending you all sooo much love,

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