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How to live a happier life


That word you hear over and over yet aren’t entirely sure what it means.

I had this broken down for me once and it was not only a game changer, but simpler than I thought. Aka: lightbulb moment.

Your intention is simply WHY you are doing something. That’s it!

You’ve probably heard me talk a lot about karma (because it’s important) but something to take into deep consideration is that karma feeds off of intent. For every action, there is a reaction.

Example 1:

You’re driving and you accidentally cut someone off and apologized to that person ( a wave sorry or a telepathic, vibrational apology) because you unintentionally cut him off.

Example 2:

You’re driving and you’re late so you cut someone off because by doing this, you didn’t hit a red light. Intentional.

What you are doing with this small, minimal actions is actually creating a cause and effect greater than you know.

Your intent was not pure, therefore you create negative energy and karma.

Now how can you apply this in your daily life?

Where in your life is your intention not pure?

This can be on an even bigger realm like a relationship, friendship, career, or taking jabs at someone to make them feel smaller.

Every time you do this, you create negative energy and you are planting seeds that will grow into weeds. Seriously.

But guess what the great news it? You can plant AMAZING seeds! Full of life and love.

You can spread love and joy like confetti and create positive, light spreading energy which in turn creates positive karma.


And I’ll give you another example (because sometimes one isn’t enough) of an intention during a workout or eating healthy...

If you go to the gym and your intention is to take a selfie just so you can say you went, that’s creating negative karma because of wrong intentions, and you probably won’t get any results.

Your intention for being there is praise, therefore you will not only attract the wrong people, but you’ll spend time pleasing others than working on your body.

Same with nutrition.

If your intention is to only drop fat and to look great for aesthetic reasons, you’ll start making poor food choices and only focus on macros and fake foods (I have been guilty in the past of this with protein bars) and you won’t reach peak, optimal, superhuman, biohacking performance. Hashtag...goals.

It’s all intent, everything we do.

I challenge you to look at WHY you do every single thing you do today. What is your intent behind it?

Not only will this free you some time, but you’ll start to realize what is truly important to you, and stop doing things that are unimportant.

Have an amazing day, ladies! And remember to VIBEHIGH;)



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