• Taylor Stone

How to get your health back

If there’s one thing I could go back into time and do, it would be to have an all in attitude-with everything I did.

To look back at my life and think, “yep, I did it all and gave everything I had and I didn't wait”

And if it didn’t work out, no big deal, because the worst thing in life is to look back and have regret.

What a massive waste of time to “kind of” want something.

Now, I’m speaking in terms of dreams, aspirations, and goals. But what about wanting to get healthy?

What about wanting to balance your hormones so you aren’t in the fetal position during that time of the month? Or worse, a majority of the month.

What about losing those 20 pounds so you feel confident again and stop hiding and finally putting on that bathingsuit you once wore?

What about clearing up your acne so you GLOW and your girlfriends start asking in envy what it is you’re doing? (which FYI, that WILL happen)

I get super fired up about this because I know that each and every one of you have that something you want to do, but you aren’t jumping on it out of fear.

Fear of what…..Feeling good? Looking amazing? Living longer?

You’re making excuses of why you can’t do it, only to complain and feel sorry for yourself later. I know this, because that was me at one point and it feels horrible.

I know this will strike some chords, and you know what? I wish someone told me this when I was one foot in and one foot out. Giving me some tough love to take that leap. Realizing my potential, even if I couldn’t see it.

I kind of wanted to start a business. Later realizing I REALLY wanted to start my own business, and kicking myself for the time I wasted.

I could have changed SO many more lives had I started what I wanted to start, way before I started (say that three times fast)

Your potential is unlimited, and you don’t want to wake up at 50 years old wondering why you didn’t listen to that voice inside sooner, when you had more time.

That literally gives me anxiety as I type this and fires me up;)

My challenge for you is this: Ask yourself how you want to FEEL every day. Your ideal feelings, emotions and ideal lifestyle.

Then ask yourself: Am I living that right now? Get really honest with yourself.

If you have to question and aren’t sure about it, then you aren’t.

And guess what….you CAN.

All you need is to tell yourself YES and ask for help.

Yes you will balance your hormones, yes you will lose weight, yes we will increase your vibe and confidence, but most importantly?

You will get your time back and realize you are limitless and can accomplish anything. How amazing is that?

It's time to take full responsibility of your life loves, you know you have it in you.


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