• Taylor Stone

How to wake up motivated and inspired every single day

A question I get asked quite often is, “How do you stay so inspired and energized every single day?”

And the answer is probably not what you think.

Though I have a pretty impeccable nutrition program, workout regimen, amazing boyfriend and I meditate’s this one thing I do that makes ALL the difference:

I brainwash myself.

Yep, you heard that correctly.

With affirmations.

With confidence.

With love.

With inspiring videos, podcasts, and anything I can get my hands on…...every damn day, first thing in the morning.

This means before I do anything else like check my cell phone, or social media, or emails.

It’s habitual now, like brushing my teeth. I see the benefits and how it’s changed my life and it will forever be part of my life.

In saying this I’m reminded of 6 or so years ago when I would hear influencers talk about this (who are now SUPER successful entrepreneurs like Lori Harder) and I would do a slight eye roll.

For no other reason than ignorance, not understanding what I hadn’t ever experienced.

And here’s the thing some women get confused with and I see this ALL the time in my coaching programs...

They think they need to do these things only when they start feeling uninspired or unmotivated or get into a funk.

When in fact, we actually have to do this consistently, relentlessly, and make it non-negotiable so we don’t have unmotivated days, or even bad days for that matter and we can reframe it into something different.

Only then once you’ve trained yourself you begin to see these so called negative circumstances you:

Deflect it.

Rise above it.

SMILE about it, because you’ve built that solid foundation that says, “Try again, you can’t phase me.”

Now, I am not immune to this. In fact, I had one of those "days" yesterday and guess what?

I hadn’t done my normal routine on Sunday OR in full yesterday.


That’s the conversation I do in my head. Simple math.

Because when you’ve established such a solid foundation and take full responsibility for your life it’s so obvious when things go wrong. And we are ALWAYS responsible for everything that happens.

So I dove back in, not only this morning but last night also and by 7pm I was dancing in my kitchen again.

My job is to make you realize the importance of this and for you to establish that rock solid foundation of confidence building, self-love, compassion, inspiration…and take this extremely seriously.

Your life and how you want to look at it seriously depends on it.

And I’ll tell ya, the best way to remind yourself to do this is to TEACH IT.

Spread that love and inspiration like confetti and watch the vibration of the room or in your family rise.

I will promise you this: If you can commit to doing this for 60 days straight you will turn into a different person and be able to serve the world THAT much more.

Have an amazing day and fill your cup up first:)



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