• Taylor Stone

Change Fear Into Excitement

"Feel the fear and do it anyway"

What does that even mean?

That's a question I would have asked myself years ago and rolled my eyes at the cliche-ness (yes, that’s a word) of that phrase.

Sunday I did something I've been wanting to do for a while and finally took the plunge (pun intended) and sky dived in the middle of nowhere aka Eloy, Arizona.

Something that surprised me in retrospect was the large amount of calm I had as the plane took off and right before I took that jump.

The only way to explain this was full trust in myself, the pilot, and instructor, and that my mission here is not complete and the voice inside that kept telling me to, "just have fun."

Now, I'm ALL for rollercoaster rides, adventures, stepping out of my comfort zone, but none of those are close to what I just did Sunday and I wasn't sure how I would react at the realness just seconds before I jumped.

It's what I decided earlier that day of that made all the difference...

I decided to not embrace fear, but to change it to excitement instead.

As Tommy and I drove there we listened to nothing but inspiring music, watched YouTube videos of 96 year old grandmas sky diving (please watch this, it's hilarious) and congratulated ourselves on how we finally decided to do it.

We didn't calculate the risks, psyche ourselves out with "what if's" we instead decided to act "as if" and visualized ourselves having a cold beer after at the Saloon near by.

How many times have you decided to do something scary or outside of your comfort zone and chose fear all the way up to the final event? Then after said to yourself, "that wasn't so bad."

This applies to so many things in our lives: a new job, a new city, a new lifestyle and nutrition plan, signing up for that adventure race. All of these things are outside of your comfort zone, but you don't have to let society tell you it's normal to be miserable up until it.

Because that's what it is, a choice. No one can choose this for you.

Why be fearful during the journey up until the final event?

In other words, you are choosing stress and anxiety (constant cortisol spikes which equals fat storage) over excitement, and both excitement and fear cannot be lived at the same time. It's impossible, you have to choose one.

When I asked the guy who held my life in his hands (shoutout to Rob for packing the parachute correctly) if he feels any emotion or fear anymore, he told me over time the fear has completely turned to pure excitement and bliss.

Because that's what happens...

You do it, then realize the elation and bliss it creates, then you do it again and again forgetting you once were fearful.

But think about all the things you haven't tried? Regret is an awful thing, and to me, THAT is scarier.....

Think about the events you've done multiple times and had fear leading up to it? Hundreds, if not thousands of events.

I urge you to do one thing that scares you today. It may not be jumping out of an airplane, but there's something in the back of your head you've been hesitating about and I promise, you'll still live after you do it.

This experience changed my life, and though you can never completely rid yourself of fear, you have a massive choice in how you CHOOSE to feel.

Have an amazing day and take some risks:)

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