• Taylor Stone

The Best Diet of 2017

I want to make one thing very clear because I love you….

It isn’t the diet.

It’s your thyroid and your metabolism that are not functioning properly.

Now, I also want to emphasize that you shouldn’t be angry at either of these functions of your body, they love you and WANT to be healthy and normalized.

Which is why they are showing you symptoms, literally crying to you for help (kind of sad when you really think about it).

You’ve gotten bad advice over the years educating that eating less and exercising more is the formula for fat loss, but it couldn’t be far from.

In fact, this equation is what absolutely RUINS your metabolism and harms your thyroid. And unless you address the nutrient deficiencies and other areas of your lifestyle they will never recover and work properly.

I say these things with conviction because I have experienced these issues myself and you shouldn’t have to waste your time and money on things that will NOT work, masking the real issue.

I’ll never forget what someone told me once in conversation when I asked if I was too bold in my message:

“You have to be the extremist to bring everyone else up. It's your responsibility.”

I remind myself of this statement every time I wonder if I'm coming off too strong, but then I realize that women need the truth.

Because honestly….

If I was wishy washy in my message to you, would you listen to me and take me seriously?

Probably not, because I would come off lacking confidence in my message. Very “fluffy.”


Would you rather have me give it to you straight, giving you a step by step action plan because I have healed this myself?

I hope it’s the latter, because I needed me when this was going on, and someone to give it to me straight.

So, what are the top reasons your metabolism and thyroid stop functioning?

1. You have a large buildup of toxins that are not allowing your thyroid hormone to convert and function properly. Your thyroid controls your metabolism, which is why you are gaining weight.

2. Nutritional deficiencies that haven’t been addressed over the years due to excessive dieting and over exercising. Sweating without adding in crucial vitamins and minerals back in leads to cellular imbalances, which leads to hormone imbalance.

3. You have some sort of digestive issue like (leaky gut, gas, bloating, or constipation) that won’t allow you to absorb nutrients like you should, which won't allow your hormones to function at optimal levels.

Other things like environment, lifestyle (alcohol), stress levels, birth control and prescription drugs are also culprits which should be addressed.

How do you fix all of these things above? Can they really be fixed?

YES. And I am proof of that.

It took me years because I did the research myself to FINALLY figure out what works, but I finally nailed it and turned it into a program so others don’t have to live with these issues forever.

And the amazing news is that your road to recovery won’t take even ¼ of that time.

Unless you decide you want to play the waiting game and do nothing about it. Feeling sicker and more hopeless every day, but please don’t live like that.

If you want to get to the root of the issue and begin to feel yourself again, full of energy, confident, sexy, and back in those skinny jeans, I’m starting another 4 week group coaching program starting May 1st.

Don’t let this issue get worse, especially if you’ve been dealing with this for a while. That’s not the way to live and I know that you know you are worthy of feeling amazing.

Send me a separate email at letting me know you want to be a part of another group of women healing their hormones and gaining the confidence they knew they were missing.

And if a group program really isn't your style and you want more intimate coaching, I have 2 spots open for 1:1 coaching.

I hope this message resonated with you.

Have an amazing day!

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