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#1 Anti-Aging Food On The Planet

As some of you may know, I am borderline OBSESSED with biohacking the body and finding out ways to slow down the aging process both aesthetically and internally.

Recently, my good friend Rachael and I have started a “No Botox Beauty” series that addresses all things anti-aging and beauty from the inside out.

So now, not only will you receive emails of hormone health, fat loss, and loving your body- but you’ll now get sprinkles here and there about keeping your youth and aging beautifully.

Below is an article Rachael published about the #1 anti-aging food on the planet.

Check it out!

It’s an amazing read, and if you want to learn more about her and her blog check out where she focuses on a processed free life and has a ton of amazing recipes;)

The #1 Food for Antioxidants and Anti Aging Skin Benefits

Purple Sweet Potatoes Anti Aging Benefits

Olivia Munn caused quite a stir when she announced to the world that her repaired beautiful skin and complexion was due in part to the purple skin of a sweet potato. While most people brushed it off and claimed no way, we thought it was worth taking a deeper look at it. Any time someone says they used natural foods, we are game to see what might be useful to take a look at in my own health regime.

She did say it was in part due from the Hyaluronic Acid found in sweet potatoes, known to play a role in wound healing, skin repair, and fighting inflammation, and that she came by it naturally through eating them. Scientists rebuked her saying that anything she ate would have broken down in her digestive system and while it could provide benefits, it would not have been able to create results like that.

Now I want to start by first saying that she never did claim that the sweet potato skin was the only component in her beautiful transformation. However, if it played a part, most of us would probably like to know seeing that sweet potatoes are much cheaper and natural than botox. After doing some extensive research, we were able to pinpoint another factor of the sweet potato that could have helped her achieve such a beautiful skin transformation.

Free Radicals and Aging:

While many of us many not have heard of the anti-aging benefits of sweet potatoes that Olivia Munn did, there has been quite a bit of research on the power of the sweet potato in isolating and destroying free radicals in the body.

Well why do you care about free radicals when you’re looking for antiaging. Free radicals are attributed to the aging process as an accumulation of the stress on your body from free radicals, also known as oxidative stress. Once inside the body, free radicals attack cells in search of an electron it’s missing, and in the process does damage to our cells and DNA.

So with such a strong link to anti aging you can see why free radicals become a focus when trying to combat the premature aging process. While our bodies are exposed to free radicals everyday in our food, products and environment, we also use antioxidants inside the body to scavenge for free radicals and keep them from hurting our cells.

Sweet Potato Skin Benefits:

The purple sweet potato, also known as Ipomoera Batatas, has been studied for its powerful antioxidant content. Specifically, one study used the extract of it’s very beautiful purple skin to study its effect on free radicals. Scientists extracted anthocyanins from the skin and studied their antioxidant effects. And they found something really exciting. They found the anthocyanins found in the purple sweet potato skin show stronger radical-scavenging activity than from another of similarly colored foods including: red cabbage, purple corn, elderberries, and grape skins (move over wine!)

The anthocyanins were further studied in relation to aging in a study conducted where the extract from the skin was used on aged mice. After being administered doses of the extract serum for 30 days, the 12 month old aged mice showed the same anti aging indicators as 5 month old mice and the control group did not. The scientist were able to conclude that the extract group not only showed powerful antioxidant effects as well as the ability to delay aging.

Sweet Potato Leaf Benefits:

Sweet potato eaters rejoice! This powerful superfood might just play a role in keeping skin damaging and aging free radicals at bay. And while most of us have only ever eaten the flesh and skin of the sweet potato, that’s not the only part of this powerful plant with free radical crushing abilities.

Now while most people have never been offered sweet potato leaves, in some places they are eaten along with the sweet potato itself. And what do these leaves have to offer. Well a substance called phenols can be found in the leaves of the sweet potato plant. When extracted these phenols found in the extract of the leaves could effectively scavenge two types of free radicals: DPPH free radical and hydroxyl free radicals.

Although you might not be able to just get sweet potato leaves from your grocery store, the good news is that purple sweet potatoes are popping up more frequently in grocery stores around the United States. You can ask your grocer to order and stock purple sweet potatoes so that you can start working their anti-aging benefits into your diet.

While we can’t explain 100% how Olivia Munn found the fountain of youth, you can believe that we take her claims of using purple sweet potatoes to really heal and take of her skin. After seeing all of the free radical fighting power of this pretty plant, it’s no secret that this would be a great food to add to your anti-aging arsenal of foods. Of course the free radical fighting benefits extends further out than just skin, and the sweet potato is an amazing food over all, so we encourage you fit this powerful potato into your diet for anti aging benefits as well as overall better health.

What's your favorite skin health food? I'd love to hear it and be looking out for more amazing videos and articles from our series!

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