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Nutrition For Intuition

I know what you’re thinking...

“Whaaat? You mean to tell me that the food I consume has an impact on my daily decisions and the people, places, and things I am guided to?”

You bet your bottom dollar it does.

Is that still a phrase or am I behind in the times?

Nutrition affects what is called the pineal gland, or Ajna, or Third Eye Chakra which it’s most commonly called.

A part of your brain that also affects your endocrine system and resides in the middle of your brain and is at the same level as your eyes.

Over the years this builds up calcification and needs to be detoxed, just like any other organ and function in your body.

This gland is responsible for numerous functions. In western medicine it’s known for regulating sleep, mood, and energy levels. It’s the part of the brain that secretes serotonin which then turns into melatonin. Hello, sleep.

But on a spiritual level, it’s responsible for that inner “knowing”. That gut feeling you receive, or maybe a vision or precognition you get of something to come and you have no solid proof where it came from.

I’m not going to lie; this is the stuff that REALLY lights me up because it’s all related to each other holistically but not alot of people talk about it.

What you eat has such a massive affect on how you operate and how much information you’re able to receive and even be aware of.

So many people are walking around like zombies, not knowing their purpose, not living enthusiastically, and I feel a strong responsibility to wake people up!

Do you want to look back on your life 40-50 years from now and wonder why you weren’t more curious? Why you didn’t make the change you knew should have happened?

Regret is one of the absolute worst feelings, and we’ve all been there.

I regret not taking this more seriously when I was younger when I was first exposed to it. Signs and synchronicities were present everywhere but because my nutrition was off, I was literally blinded.

That’s what happens when nutrition lacks. You’re blinded from opportunities, those red flags you never saw coming, the things you’ve been praying for that you actually recieve but you fail to see it because you’re foggy.

So, here we go. Here are my top ten foods to increase your intuition:

  • Raw Cacoa powder

  • Chaga mushrooms

  • Lemon juice

  • Krill oil

  • Ginger root

  • Coconut oil

  • Cilantro

  • WATER: Did you know that 90% of people walk around dehydrated? This alone has a huge impact on your awareness and consciousness.

  • Spirulina and Chlorella. I put these two together because most supplements pair these together. BEST friends.

  • Goji berries and blueberries

Most of the research I have done on this states you should be eating a grain free and gluten free diet (which is already part of all my programs) stay away from dairy and eat everything organic including meats.

Before you begin to implement these foods into your diet, consider detoxing your brain and organs first so they don’t just bypass your blood brain barrier and actually absorb. If your filter is clogged (liver) not much gets through and absorbed.

And that would be a massive waste of your money.

A very light detox like in my 14 Day Inner Goddess Detox program will get you prepared by riding yourself of toxins and any build up so you can receive the full benefits these supplements and foods have to offer.

72 women have now gone through my detox program and have all had amazing results.

Get ready to see your life in a brand new way though, and don’t justify the things you begin to see and realize.

The things you once knew as true may not be as true anymore because you are now more aware and awakened to reality. And you may need to crowd out certain people and patterns you were once doing because they no longer serve you anymore.

This is called evolving, and it’s an amazing feeling.

Ps: Don’t forget to click HERE to purchase the detox before you add these supplements in and get ready to amazed by the results.

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