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Follow that little voice inside...

I’m free flowing today.

Meaning, i'm not going to edit this as I typically do because I just wanted to get this out as fast as I can and while I am prompted.

Similar to how I post on Instagram, but with less emojis.

As you guessed, my message is to stop not listening to yourself.

I don’t even think that’s a complete sentence or even a phrase, but say that out loud and I’m sure you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.

The times when you heard a voice inside that told you to go, or not to go, or to pick this one not that one.

The voice that doesn’t get judged by your ego right away and you hear it then start to justify.

Sometimes it makes absolutely no sense.

These are queues from your intuition. Or spirit, source, Universe, God, whichever name you choose to use.

And the most important thing to realize? These are typically very small queues. For me, it’s typically nothing extravagant like you may think.

Most of the time they are very subtle like: “Turn here. Grab that jacket, not this one, that one. Call Jan. I don’t even know a Jan so I’m not sure why I used that, but that is neither here nor there.

And sometimes: This message isn’t even for you.

Last night and today I had every intention of hiking and doing sprints at a very close mountain that I hadn’t been to in a while. I needed nature, grounding, and the cold breeze.

I jammed to music all the way there, super excited.

And once I got there, something told me to leave.

My first instinct was…”come again? Leave, just got here. NO.”

But then, realizing that over the past 4-5 years I have been actively working on my intuition, I knew I needed to listen.

And so I left. Trusting that I would be guided where I needed to go, which was just my gym down the street. Ok, awesome.

Fast forward after my workout and the sauna, I literally bumped into a woman who I have seen a couple of times who looked less fortunate and I think possibly seeking the gym for shelter.

Every time I have seen her in the past she was walking into the bathroom stall, or brushing her teeth, and every time I have seen her I have wanted to help.

Help as in a conversation, and just find out if there was anything she needs.

I had even asked the person up front if there was some way I could help her a couple of weeks ago and he had no idea what I was talking about so I left it alone. I even felt guilty as I left but decided to trust she would be taken care of.

Today, I finally had the most amazing conversation with her about where she’s from and how long she’s been here, and it was clear she just needed a friend. Her face lit up when I asked her how she was and I could tell she had been ignored for a long time because of her appearance.

She smiled and said thank you as I left. And hearing that, I almost lost it as I walked to my car.

That message I received to leave the mountain was not for me, it was for her.

This may seem like a small example, but trust me when I say that when you begin to listen to yourself the Universe will give you larger and larger tasks.

Never discredit the power you hold.

The Universe knew I had been seeking to make an impact on her any way I could and by listening to my intuition, it happened.

We all have this power. Not only the power of intuition but brightening up someone’s day and creating that ripple effect.

Challenge yourself. Say hello to everyone you walk past, especially if they are resistant to it. They probably need it the most.

Always listen to yourself! I have had SO many great experiences by learning to listen to promptings that have gotten me to where I am today and It’s one of the best superpowers we have.


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