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How to Improve your sleep

I woke up at 2am and couldn’t go back to sleep

Do you ever have those nights where no matter what you do you cannot switch your brain off?

That was me the past two nights and it was driving me absolutely CRAZY.

And then you begin to worry about worrying, “Well if I don’t get exactly 8 hours of sleep then my entire day is completely shot and I won’t be able to accomplish x,y,z.” I don’t like to curse, but this is what you would call screwing yourself.

I then decided to turn on my lamp and read for what was the next two hours…..

Any time you’re faced with insomnia or an inability to fall asleep, the best solution is to not fight it and become productive. What this does not mean is catching up on laundry, washing and waxing the floors, or doing anything that will physically wake you up.

I wanted to share some tips on how to prepare your body for an amazing nights rest and how to more importantly: stay asleep.

You’re probably asking yourself right now, “Well if these didn’t work for you, why should I be doing them?”

They do work, but I’m human and sometimes get too comfortable and miss these steps or don’t do them all together on a RARE occasion, like the past two nights.

Lesson learned, and because sleep is one of the top 5 ways to boost your immune system, renew your cells, boost brain cognition, and also when the weight loss process occurs, you can bet your bottom dollar this will NOT happen again any time soonJ

Here are some tips to really increase the quality and length of your sleep. The last one is absolutely crucial and should be taken VERY seriously:

  • Remove the television from your room. Yes, it’s convenient. Yes, Real Housewives are on. But what this does is decrease your melatonin by essentially waking up your brain due to the blue light in electronics. Your pineal gland signals melatonin to release a couple of hours before bedtime, and if it senses light from any electronic it immediately stops its production.

  • Eliminate cell phone use 1 hour before bed. This is due to the same properties above, your body confuses night with day and stops melatonin production.

  • No caffeine after 3pm. The exception to this is if you work out at night but it’s absolutely crucial you don’t go past 5pm. I test the waters every now and then (this was one of the reasons my sleep was disturbed) and I am immediately reminded every single time. Don’t. Be. Me.

  • Keep your bedroom at 68-70 degrees. This is an easy once since it’s cooler outside but your body simply cannot relax if it’s hot. This is why taking a cooler shower before bedtime is actually beneficial because it lowers your body temperature.

  • Sleep fan or app. If you are a light sleeper this is absolutely crucial. I have both a physical fan I keep in my room to drown out noise as well as a phone app for emergencies. The app is literally called Sleep Fan, how cute.

  • Stop eating 2 hours before bedtime. Digestion is a culprit in sleep disturbance as your body should be at rest (organs also) before bed. This is especially important if you have food intolerances as any gas, bloating, acid reflux will diminish your quality of sleep. If you are having issues with this make sure you book a free discovery session with me here so we can figure out the cause.

  • Alcohol. Drinking alcohol before bed actually has the opposite effect in terms of sleep. Most women think it HELPS you, which isn’t true. Though it will relax you, when the alcohol wears off it actually signals your nervous system to wake you up in the middle of the night.

Hopefully these tools will help you and maybe even give you that, “aha!” moment.

Other things that can contribute to quality sleep are nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements you can add in. If any of you are seeking help with this, reply to this email and I’d love to help!

Have an AMAZING day and share this with someone you think may need it.


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