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How to love yourself

Who would you label as the #1person in your life?

If your initial hit is not yourself, I’ve got you:)

Self-care and self-love is something that you teach yourself to commit to regularly, not something you seek from external circumstances. Doing this leads to disappointment and a never ending hamster wheel of seeking approval. Getting that “fix.”

I know what you’re asking yourself right now. “But what about selfies?”

I don’t have a problem with selfies. In fact, I encourage them. Why not showcase yourself? You’ve worked hard on x,y,z and maybe you want to show it off. But if your intention is to show it for the likes, you’ve missed the point.

Here are some tools that have helped me in the past as well as some of my clients to get their mojo back. To really embrace and uncover the Goddess inside.

I REALLY wanted to make a video out of this, and I will, but technology is kicking my butt right now. First World Problems…..

Top 10 Self-care tips and tools:

  1. Afiirmations: Plaster these EVERYWHERE. I mean it. Your car, your kitchen, your bathroom, your forehead. Anything that inspires you and increases your confidence, write it on a post-it and place it in places your frequently visit. This is hands-down my numero uno suggestion. JJ Virgin once said she tells herself affirmations while getting ready in the morning, that’s brilliant also.

  2. Gratitude exercises. There is always something to be thankful for, and writing these down early morning will REALLY set you up for a more joyful day. There’s something beautiful about putting pen to paper and writing down the little things. But shoot, if you had a big win recently, write that down too!

  3. Rid yourself of any and all negativity and never justify yourself. Who makes you feel good about? What things make you happier? Everything is an energy exchange. If your output is inspiration and their output is negativity, reevaluate that friendship or relationship.

  4. Dry brushing. Now we’re getting into the physical. And dangit, this would have been a PERFECT opportunity to add in a Richard Simmons clip dancing to Let’s Get Physical. Dry brushing helps with circulation of the blood and also helps to eliminate cellulite, spider veins, and get rid of old and dead skin.

  5. Epsom salt baths. These help your body soak up magnesium to keep nerves firing properly and also relax your muscles after a hard workout. Plus, it’s incredibly relaxing. Add 2 cups of the salt and essential oils for fragrance. Click HERE for a video of how to dry brush properly.

  6. Sleep. This is crucial for your overall health and especially your mood. You should be getting 7-8 hours that will allow your cells to turn over(regenerate) and your body to fully recover. This will be a full video that I will film of the tips and tools I use to really get a great nights rest.

  7. Exercise. In my opinion, nothing will increase your mood and confidence more than working out. Runners “high” is a real term as endorphins are released during movement. Whatever workout works best for you (meaning you’ll commit to it) is what I would suggest you do 4-5 times a week.

  8. Nourishment: Food is information and you will become what you consume. Get REALLY honest with yourself: Do you feel better about yourself after you binge on a cheese pizza or when you are eating the proper foods for on purpose? I am ALL for a cheat here and there and I advocate it, but when this becomes your norm, guilt will kick in. Feeling guilty has been scientifically proven to be more toxic to your body than the food itself that you’re eating.

  9. Unplug for an hour. Turn your phone off or on airplane mode for at least an hour a day and really feel and listen to yourself. Basking in silence is when most people hear their soul speak and also intuition because you have zero distractions. If you love meditating, fantastic! But you don’t have to be meditating to hear your inner promptings. Go for a walk, journal, or just sit in silence and just “be.”

  10. Massage, facials, float tanks, manicures, pedicures. I left this last because most women tend to see this as the only form of self-care and it’s far from. These are amazing tools to increase your confidence, but it isn’t realistic to do every day.

I could go on with more tools I use but the take-home message is this…..

Do more things that make you feel powerful, confident, and really help you to be the best version of YOU that you can possibly be. Self-care is not selfish and it will allow you to serve the world and your families so much more!


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