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Glowing skin in the winter

The Secret to Glowing Skin in the Winter

Dreading the winter doesn't make it go away. In fact being prepared can help you tackle one of the most frustrating parts of the cold weather; dry and damaged skin.

If you have ever felt that tightness in your cheeks after being out in the cold, chances are you know what windburn and chilly temperatures can do to your face. So many people suffer from dry, flaky, and painful skin in the winter because the dry cold temperatures can suck the life right out of the skin.

But being prepared can help side step the peeling and red coloration that can appear in the winter.

  1. Wash with a gentler cleaner - You might love your cleanser to the moon and back, but if it is too harsh, you might be stripping too much oil off your skin to keep it protected in such dry conditions.

  2. Use a moisturizer more than once a day - While most of us should be moisturizing more than once a day, the sad fact is most of us don’t. But the winter is the time to really get that habit established. Your skin can use the extra shot of moisture.

  3. Don’t skip on the sunscreen - Even without the heat, the sun can do plenty of damage during the day throughout the whole winter. Places where there is sun or a lot of water are even more susceptible to damaging your skin because of the reflection of rays. You might not need the SPF 50 like the summer months require, but a light SPF 15 or 20 can do a great job at protecting your skin.

  4. Use a moisture mask 2-3 times a week - Your favorite product that uses the words “drench” or “mega moisture” would be ones to reach for. Using a mask can help repair dry skin and protect it after.

  5. Drink lots of water - In the summer it might be the sunshine, heat, or everyone else with a water bottle that reminds us to stay hydrated but in the winter it might be harder to remember. Just because it’s not hot out, doesn’t mean you don’t need to be getting in enough water. If your lips are chapped, then you’re body needs more water. Do yourself a favor and just carry a water bottle with you.

Don’t let the winter suck the moisture out of your skin. Taking small steps each day can help keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

When going out, use a scarf to not only keep you warm, but to also keep the delicate skin around mouth covered in extremely windy and cold situations. And, for those of you who carry your beauty products with you, drop a mini of your favorite moisturizer and chapstick to ensure you have a little extra protection on hand if needed.

One more thing you can do, if you are serious about really changing the state of your skin, is a detox. This means being guided through the steps needed to really get the toxins out of your body, and start really working with your diet and routine for beautiful glowing skin. Because winter can be so brutal on the skin, the best approach is the do a detox tailored to the winter season.

You’ll be so glowing that people may just ask where you went on vacation!

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