Private 1:1 Life Coaching & Alchemical Energy Healing

My intention in this personalized experience is to lead you to more joy, abundance and overall FULFILLMENT in your life.

I see it as a responsibility to help you tap into the magic you haven't yet experienced but has always been available to you.

To embody more confidence and purpose in everything you do.

To live a life more empowered and without limitations.


Through 1:1 coaching I help you make the connection of how your mind and current belief systems influence your overall well-being and how to instead reprogram your brain to manifest the life you desire.


I focus on alchemical (energy) healing, subconscious (mind) reprogramming, along with the mind and body connection. All of which address areas of life including mindset, thoughts, emotions, stress levels and the biology of your body.


By raising your frequency and bringing the mind and body into alignment, you'll be able to permanently heal and bring more joy, fulfillment and abundance into your life.

To embody the Queen and Goddess that has always been inside of you and finally live out your DREAM life!


What's included?

  • Weekly 1:1 coaching calls and healing sessions (4 calls a month)

  • Unlimited text support in between sessions via the Voxer app

  • Access to all of my digital courses and courses I create while working together

  • Personalized meditations specific to your goals

  • Remote healings upon request

To schedule a complimentary discovery call to see if private coaching is a right fit, click the link below to fill out my 1:1 coaching application and I will be in touch within 12-24 hours!

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