"While working 1:1 with Taylor, I have connected more deeply to my soul and purpose than I've ever experienced. Her guidance has led me to step outside my comfort zone, boldly heading directly toward my highest purpose, dreams, and potential. I have stepped into new routines and behaviors to peel away and reveal deeper layers of my belief systems. When we began coaching I was a disempowered individual with deep limiting beliefs. Throughout our coaching, I have worked harder than ever toward reprogramming my subconscious to taking full responsibility and feeling sincere empowered to work and achieve my optimal, personal success, joy, abundance and energy. I have never felt happier or more connected to myself, to my internal truth. This shift in both perspective and operating system will stay with me for the rest of my life. The tangible practices and actions will continue to accelerate my personal evolution. Saying yes to myself was the best investment I have ever made."

-Erin A.



"My whole life I wanted to be in alignment with my soul and be magnetic to my dreams, wonderful people, beautiful places, incredible art… abundance and overflow of all positive things. But, no one around me was living the life I wanted to live. So, I didn’t know that it was possible. I kept trying, and failing, to become the beautiful soul that I knew was somewhere deep down inside. I had a lot of self-doubt that I was actually good enough at my core because what I wanted wasn’t happening no matter how hard I worked. One day, one of my clients recommended I follow Taylor on Instagram for research on successful, high vibe women. Something within me kept saying to work with her. Investing in myself was terrifying but I am so grateful I did. Working with Taylor has been life changing. Taylor’s ability to understand me and what I was capable of was astounding. Her guidance in all areas of my life helped me uplevel in so many ways. Having someone be there for me on a daily basis was incredible and so helpful in starting and sticking with new changes and forming good, positive habits. Getting into alignment takes time and Taylor helped collapse that time-frame for me and allowed me to expand even in areas I hadn’t expected. Don’t underestimate the power of having someone believe in you, be your cheerleader, and kick your ass all at the same time. Don’t underestimate the power of working with an expander in a 1:1 container. It will change your life if you allow it. Make sure to take in all the goodness Taylor has to offer. She is worth it. YOU are worth it."


- Tiffany G.




"I reached out to Taylor about two months ago. That by far was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I’m 25 years old and for the past 10-15 years I have struggled with severe anxiety which then turned to severe OCD over the years. I tried many many different things to overcome all the OCD behaviors I was doing and nothing I did worked. I had numbers with food(which then turned to binge eating)I had numbers with touching, counting, and so on. I was living through numbers. There are absolutely no words I could say to explain how miserable life was. I have always been into nutrition and am a personal trainer but the way I was living did not show it. I followed Taylor on Instagram for about three years before I actually reached out. After listening to some things she had to say something clicked in me and I realized I’m going to live the rest of my life just like this or I can try one more thing that I’ve never tried. That’s when I reached out to Taylor. Everyday now I put in my head who I am and who I want to be. I am not someone who lives life through numbers. Taylor has taught me so much and continues to teach me more and more everyday. I love learning about how to heal your mind and body just through thought alone. There is no magic pill. Someday I truly want to help others overcome anxiety and OCD the same way I did. And I can finally say, it is possible."


- Andrea I.





"If you are considering working with Taylor for life coaching, I congratulate you because it is a powerful step on your journey towards growth and expansion.  I found Taylor after a friend had recommended her podcast.  After listening to nearly all of the episodes, it was evident how aligned her teachings were with my belief system.  Investing in myself was a scary decision, but I knew I had taken this personal growth journey as far as I could on my own and needed some guidance.  Taylor was an objective set of eyes that really helped me navigate how and where to set boundaries. She also held the necessary space I needed as I took my career to the next level.  When doubt and fear would creep in, she was a real backbone in securing my trust and faith in the process, the universe, and most importantly, myself.  She could see where I could not.  You can not solve problems with the same consciousness that created them.  I am so grateful for all of her tips, tricks, nutrition and fitness advice, meditation/reading recommendations, and sharing her light.  I hope you get the chance to work with her because it is truly a transformational process!"


- Renee K. 





"I can not even begin to explain how much this woman has come to mean to me in my life and I’m so glad she has been such a key role in part of my growth. When I first found Taylor, I knew with almost an instant I was supposed to work with her. I found her on social media, listened listened to one of her podcasts and signed up immediately for a call to see if one on one coaching was for me. The next day she was my coach. I had so much inspired action in the steps of finding her and didn’t really realize that’s what it was until her. The person before her felt lost, not confident and just not the person I wanted to be. I have grown so much. Taylor truly is there every step of the way for you. Her life’s purpose is to help guide woman to finding themselves and their souls. I can confidently say that she has helped me do just that. And when it came to manifesting, it was coming to me left and right. When it came to my physical body, I saw a difference. When It came to spiritual, I felt more open. When it came to my mindset…that was the real difference. I actually was just home for a short period of time, but when you are away for so long not seeing the same people every day, it was noticeable. I had my mom who I never thought I would share my journey with her because I thought she wouldn’t understand it, we talked for 2 hours nonstop. Loving myself was probably the hardest thing for me to do again. I had so many conditioned years that said I wasn’t good enough for the world, or myself, or for others. Thats changed, clear as day. Taylor has helped me through so much and I could not be more blessed that I was led to work with her. If this has touched you in anyway or stroke a cord in you, sign up for her coaching program, membership, sign up for that call. Any way you choose to be present with this woman, will make a difference in your life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the tears down my face. Thank you"


- Mallory J.




"I have had the great fortune of working with Taylor for a very long time now. I specially started working with her as my life coach/mentor for one on one coaching in 2018. I was dealing with issues like anxiety, low self esteem, heart break, mental imbalance to name a few. I was quite literally on the verge of getting in to a serious depression. I am in the later 20's and i couldn't help but think that everyone in my life who's my age has their life together and i am extremely left behind this "race" of having a perfect life as a woman. I consulted taylor and immediately wanted to work with her. From when i began to where i am now, i am a totally new person. My life style has shifted from being very scares to now feeling abundant. Taylor taught me very cool techniques on how to raise my vibration, how to feel self love. She uses 'tay-lored' :) tools for each and every client which is unique to them. I have just so much gratitude for Taylor as my coach and i recommend her to each and every woman or man who is unsure on where to start to clear up their lives."


-Zen H.




"First I just have to say I love Taylor very deeply!!! When I found Taylor on Social media I was instantly attracted to listen to her podcast! It was life changing, I just didn’t know how much she would change my life until I started to work with her one on one. I struggled my whole life with anxiety that would sometimes feel like depression, after working together we understood how much my soul was screaming because I was not following my passion. I learn with Taylor what my soul really wants, my calling my true passion! And getting over my limitations was my biggest change, but I was able to get over that. Taylor gave me the tools I needed in order for me to shift my believe system and step into the 2.0 version of myself that women I had only dream of. Thank you my beautiful angel for changing my life and for everything you have done for me!!!" 


-Yuleidis F.



"Working with Taylor was like a breath of fresh air. Prior to taking the leap of faith and signing up for her one on one coaching, I had a lot of resistance. It wasn’t about the money, the time, or the energy, even though I used every one of those excuses as to why I shouldn’t sign up. Truth be told, it was about whether or not I felt I was worth the investment. Growing up I was always the person that focused on fulfilling other people’s needs before my own, so it felt overwhelmingly uncomfortable to put myself first for once. In that moment, I had two choices: I could either continue doing what I was doing (like a hamster on a wheel, going absolutely nowhere), or I could begin believing in every fiber of my being that if I was patient, consistent and trusted the process, these tools would eventually work for me. From that day on, I felt myself slowly letting go of things, people, habits and thoughts that no longer served me. This letting go wasn’t easy, but I knew it was necessary. The more I let go, the more my life shifted and I began evolving from the inside out. After I completed the eight weeks, I felt an amount of gratefulness in my heart that I had never experienced before. I was not only grateful for Taylor’s incredible wisdom, encouragement and mentorship, but I was grateful that I invested in my own emotional/physical/spiritual journey. This experience has touched my soul in such a profound way, and I will forever be thankful to have such a beautiful, inspiring woman like Taylor in my life. Just as she is one of my biggest cheerleaders in life, I  am one of her biggest cheerleaders as well!"


- Kim H.




"Working with Taylor has been life changing. The tools that I have learned to navigate my day to day activities have been transformative. I find myself on a higher trajectory and FINALLY truly believing that I AM WORTH IT! I didn’t realize how poor my self worth had become until this journey. I feel like a film has been lifted and that I am finally able to see again. I will forever be grateful for reaching out to Taylor and having her as my coach. She is a blessing:)"


- Lauren L.




“I just needed to express my Gratitude to you. I originally signed up for your detox program then wanted to be coached one on one for my high blood pressure and other minor health concerns . Not only did you help with those but you took me down a spiritual path for learning about self love and how to take care of me first. You teach about changing your negative thoughts and raising your vibration, for me I struggled with that! But I no longer let the negativity control me, I never thought it would be possible.  I no longer suffer with anxiety due to negative thoughts. I meditate , journal and listen to your inspirational videos daily which helps keep me in alignment to continue my life long journey to better emotional and physical health . I honestly couldn’t have never done this without you. I get compliments on how much of a difference I’ve made on my self. I will continue looking forward to our coaching calls and I learn so much more each call. Thank you so much for everything you do and for changing my life!”


-Becky C.



“Before last September I was 30 pounds heavier, full of breakouts, irritable, and so so unhappy. I bit the bullet and decided to invest in myself. (I mean come on, we will spend a couple hundred dollars on our hair, shoes, clothes, or trips, why not on our well being?) I opted for Taylor's 1:1 coaching after having a consult with her. She completely put my mind at ease, and I knew accountability was an issue for me. After getting all the information for the program, the one thing that was totally different from any other program I had tried or heard of, was having Taylor's guidance. She emphasized so many times to not complicate it and showed me ways to be successful. We didn't focus on food and workouts like EVERY other program I've seen.  She is super down to earth, genuine, caring, of course gorgeous, but not just on the outside. This was by far the best thing I could have ever done for myself and for my kids. I promise, you are forever changed- mind, body, and soul!”


- Tori M.




“Five months ago I reached out to Taylor feeling extremely defeated. I struggled with my weight, mood swings, extreme fatigue and overall depressed and this was on top of dealing with Hashimoto’s and Lupus. Fast forward to today I'm gluten free, dairy free and sugar free! I wake up every morning at 5 ready to start my day and no longer require a mid day nap! My mindset is so much more positive and I can see it's rubbing off on my daughter. My goal changed from physical appearance to mind body and soul. Not to mention I've lost 13 pounds and 2 short sizes almost 3! I'm so thankful for Taylor and look forward to continuing our friendship and continued higher vibrations!!!”


- Deanna W.




“When I first decided to work with Taylor, I was completely focused on weight loss. I knew she would help me to shed those unwanted lbs. I can tell you that I have lost weight and my body feels GREAT, but that hasn't been the best part of this journey. Taylor has helped to show me that the physical is just a small part of who I am. I have learned so much about myself as a person...a woman, friend, daughter, sister, aunt and all the other hats I wear. Taylor has opened me up to self discovery! The motivational videos she sends me, the blunt truth she states during our calls and her crazy sense of humor are just a few of my favorite things about her! She has helped me to see the beauty in the process, even the speed bumps! She has been supportive and encouraging whether I rocked my plan that day or possibly veered off a cliff. Taylor is always there to help me see that I am human! She has started me on a path to self-acceptance and self-love! Taylor, you will never know how grateful I am to you for that!”


- Sarah S.




“I started following Taylor on social media in early 2016 and have learned so much from her. I finally reached out to her in the beginning of 2017 for some one on one coaching because I was seeking more knowledge about how to live my best life. I wanted to learn what supplements to take and how to balance my hormones and cravings. With the coaching program, Taylor made herself available for any and all questions! I'm pretty sure I blew up her phone with the amount of questions I had but she always made an effort to respond and give me answers. To this day, she still makes herself accessible. The information she shares is absolutely invaluable and she has definitely made a positive impact on my life. I've learned that I don't need to be spending hours in the gym and that with proper nutrition, my goals can be achieved. I've also learned the importance of sleep and the effects it can have on all aspects of my life. Most importantly, Taylor's positive attitude and focus on self love have helped me gain a greater appreciation for life in general. If you’re considering working with her, I highly recommend it. The resources and information she shares will positively impact you forever!”


- Jen A.




“You told me it would be life changing and I wanted to believe you, but I didn’t know that I would follow through. I am so glad I did, and I’m just so grateful that in just over a month, with the things you’ve taught me, and you cheering on even my smallest accomplishments, that I can say that YES, this is life changing! I will never go back to eating and talking to myself the way I did before. I have FINALLY managed to find balance! Thank you for all you do and for making a huge difference in my life.”


- Marisol P.





“I have to thank this incredibly amazing person who literally changed my life! You are one of a kind and I am so thankful you do what you do! This girl focuses on the mindset portion before anything else. If she had just been another person selling me a diet, meal plan or fitness plan there is no way I would have lasted longer than 2 weeks. I just wanted to thank her this morning, and also tell you all, that if any of you have struggled with weight loss, getting healthier and overall wellness this girl will blow your mind!”


-Jacqueline P.




“Taking care of yourself is so much more than just going to the gym and making sure that you take the right supplements. It’s also about taking care of your health mentally emotionally and spiritually. If you can do that you can do anything and with the help of Taylor Stone and her HiVibe Program, that is something that all women are capable  is so much more than just going to the gym and making sure that you take the right supplements. It’s also about taking care of your health mentally emotionally and spiritually. Taylor Stone has created a program that focuses on each person's truth, teaching that with the right tools we each possess all we need to VibeHigh on an eternal basis!”


- Anna D.