It’s time to uncover the Inner Goddess you’ve been hiding from the world and radiate confidence and JOY.


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Remember a time when you radiated confidence, self-love and enjoyed the little moments of life?

When you woke up in anticipation for what's to come?


A time when you felt aligned in every part of your life, felt excited for what was coming and felt connected to that powerful, loving soul inside of you?


Maybe it’s been a while and that seems like a far off place, and that’s okay.


It's time to step into your highest self and live a limitless life.




Taylor is the host of the top rated podcast Vibe Higher, an energy healer and self mastery mentor who helps women make the connection of how your mind and current belief systems influence your overall well-being and how to instead reprogram your brain to manifest the life you desire. She focuses on energetics and mind body medicine, which addresses all areas of life including mindset, thoughts, emotions, stress level, dietary habits and believes that by raising your frequency and bringing the mind and body into alignment is what will permanently heal your life and bring more abundance into your life.


She is a former NFL Cheerleader who also attended Arizona State University majoring in Exercise Science and Health Promotion as well as multiple certificates from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She also attended The Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a Holistic Nutritionist specializing in life coaching, detoxification, hormones and overall mental and emotional well-being. She believes that every single body is different, therefore every person requires customized guidance to reach true health. Her mission is to help women heal on an emotional as well as physical level to awaken to the life they have always dreamed of.

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